The alva Reputation Suite is a complete reputation intelligence solution that is comprised of three core parts.

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  • A real-time analysis-led monitoring system that harvests content from millions of sources 24/7.

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  • A daily service highlighting the most impactful content and the early signs of reputational issues.

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  • An in-depth report synthesising all content into issues and benchmarking versus peer group.

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    • Tesco
    • Virgin
    • TalkTalk
    • Santander
    • Rio Tino
    • PWC
    • Notional Grid
    • McCain
    • Legal and General
    • IHG
    • HSBC
    • Hiscox
    • G4S
    • BAE
    • AXA
    • Astra Zeneca
    • Implats
    • Shire
    • AFME
  • We can now make better informed business decisions as alva's reputation and sentiment analysis gives us the insight to enable a more engaged, proactive and transparent relationship with the people who most influence our business.

    - VP of Global Communications, TMT
  • alva enables us to track how we are performing against our competitors and to identify the influences and influencers on our business.

    - Corporate Affairs Director, Financial Services
  • We no longer wonder what stakeholders are thinking about us. Now we know.

    - Executive Director, Energy company
  • alva offers a very clear way to measure the impact of any particular stimulus on reputation. This is particularly relevant in an environment where consumer perceptions get amplified through social media and cutting through the noise proves much more difficult.

    - Corporate Relations Director, Drinks company
  • I believe that reputation - individual and corporate - will increasingly be understood as a source of sustainable competitive advantage, particularly as the implications of a data driven economy unfold.

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our methodology :

From noise to actionable insight

In a world in which multiple stakeholders form opinions and influence behaviours through 24/7 content, the alva Reputation Suite provides one global reputation business intelligence solution.

Our analysis holds up a mirror to organisations to clearly show how stakeholders view them and where they face reputational risks and opportunities.

We provide actionable insight to senior executives to enable them to take evidence-based decisions.

Step 1

content aggregation

Content feeds from a wide range of relevant sources are monitored by alva's analysis system

content aggregation
processed daily
Monitored daily

10m+ social media posts


5m+ news articles


60k+ news sources


100+ countries


2000 global companies


300 reputation issues

Step 2

content analytics

Each piece of content is automatically categorised and analysed by alva’s algorithms to produce the alva reputation score

1. Sentiment Analysis

How is the company portrayed?


How impactful is the language used to describe it?

2.Influence Weighting

What is the amplification of the source?


How trusted is it?


How visible is the company in the content?


How memorable are the company references?


Which company is the focus of the content?


Is the company singled out for special attention?

= Alva reputation score
6.12 +0.22

Step 3

contextualised insight

The analysis is benchmarked against competitors and linked to internal performance metrics to provide relevant, actionable insight.

Your company 6.12 +0.22
Competitor 5.86 -0.18

Expert analyst commentary is overlaid onto the data.

graph-wide graph-narrow

how our customers use alva

  • Protect your company against reputational risk
  • Know what stakeholders think of your business
  • Compare stakeholder perception with internal beliefs
  • Know the emerging reputation risks facing the organisation
  • Consistently track and report on Conduct Risk
  • Use insights to link reputational risk to the rest of the ERM
  • Accurately assess the financial impact of reputational events on the company
  • Know which reputational drivers most impact the investment community
  • Consistent link reputation to financial performance
  • Understand how reputation drives competitive advantage
  • Track how competitors create value from key stakeholder engagement
  • Assess strategic objectives alignment with stakeholder perception
Corporate Affairs
  • Know your company’s advocates and antagonists
  • Monitor and measure effectiveness of communications campaigns
  • Ensure your reputation is linked to your communication strategy
  • Know how potential and current employees perceive your company
  • Evaluate and link your company culture to your reputation
  • Ensure you are projecting the right reputation to attract the right talent
Our Methodology

    What we do

    alva provides senior executives of global businesses with the complete solution to monitor and manage the effect that reputation has to the business – we call this reputation business intelligence. Our integrated, real-time, content analytics system harvests and analyses content and weighted sentiment from millions of sources 24/7 - identifying opportunities and threats in order to enhance and protect the company reputation.

    We use a blend of algorithmic analysis and sector consultant expertise to review scores of real-time data inputs from traditional media, social media, analyst reports, broadcast, public opinion and much more to provide the insights necessary to protect against reputation risk, inform strategic planning and drive value from stakeholder relationships

    At alva we provide the only complete reputation intelligence solution that combines real-time content monitoring and analysis, daily alerts and insight reports to analyse the reputation drivers and issues in context against peers and sector.

    Our system is already used by over 5% of the Global 2000 companies.

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    Financial Services

    Many of the world’s largest banks, insurance companies and investors rely on the alva Reputation Suite to monitor and manage their corporate reputations.

    In the UK banking sector, for example, one global bank correlates its reputation data with account opening figures to identify the primary drivers of customer switching and to determine where it should prioritise resource and effort to generate maximum advocacy. A UK insurer on the other hand used insights from its own reputational data to reinforce its case to be a first-mover in disbanding premium rate phone lines

    • Increased scrutiny
    • Regulatory pressure
    • Rebuild trust
    • Behaviour and performance
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    Energy & Extracting

    Key players in the UK energy sector are using the alva Reputation Suite to navigate a period of significant change which presents a unique combination of reputational and operational challenges.

    One of the Big 6 UK utility companies, for example, uses insights from its reputational analysis to quantify the reputational impact of the timing of its price increase relative to its competitors. Meanwhile, a global mining organisation uses the alva Reputation Suite to alert it to emerging reputational risks in its relationship with local communities and to gain insights into how its competitors have dealt with similar issues.

    • Price pressures
    • Environmental pressure
    • New competitors
    • Changing market
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    Consumer & Healthcare

    Some of the world’s biggest and best known consumer and healthcare brands are bolstering their reputations by communicating more honestly and more transparently with customers and by tailoring products and services to global markets.

    A global hotel chain for example was able to assess the effectiveness of employee engagement initiatives in its Chinese operations while also quantifying the positive impact its communications function was having on its external perceptions.

    • Competition
    • New business models
    • Regulation
    • Supplier relations
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    Technology, Media & Telecommunications

    The technology, media and telecoms sector faces many reputational risks and opportunities related to service reliability, billing and customer service as well as its impact on wider society and response to regulatory changes.

    Intelligence around the impact of their operations and activity can provide companies in the TMT sector with early warning of upcoming issues and obstacles as well as identify opportunities for competitive advantage. One major company in the telecoms sector, for example, is able to maintain its leadership position by analysing and developing points of competitive brand differentiation.

    • Digital economy
    • Price negativity
    • Customer service
    • Reliability
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    Industry & Defence

    Tightening budgetary constraints across the industry and defence sector have led to many reputational challenges. However, this uncertainty has also accelerated diversification and innovation within the sector and provided greater long-term reputational opportunities.

    The alva Reputation Suite has enabled major contractors and stakeholders across the sector to chart the changing external perceptions of the industry and enabled organisations to benchmark their reputation against competitors and to view their own performance in context. Global defence contractors, for example, were able to describe and track the potential reputational risks posed by the manufacture and operation of Drones.

    • Stakeholder relations
    • Diversification
    • Government relations
    • Technological innovation
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    alva Reputation Community

    Join the alva Reputation Intelligence Community where the senior executives from the worlds largest organisations share the latest thinking and most innovative ideas in the reputation intelligence market.

    In regular breakfast briefings, roundtable discussions, our sector experts share insights and methodologies whilst facilitating peer-to-peer reputation best practice discussions.

    Have access to our monthly whitepaper series and discover new ideas and analysis stemming from our reputation intelligence publication the alva Quarterly.

    • Share reputation intelligence best practice with peers in the largest global companies
    • Attend invite-only sector focused reputation breakfast briefings
    • Access our monthly reputation whitepaper series
    • Be the first to receive the alva Quarterly covering all key aspects of reputation business intelligence
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    How we do it

    Understanding reputation and reputation risk has become a major corporate challenge. We analyse billions of pieces of data, read thousands of press articles, review hours of broadcasts and listen to countless conversations online.

    alva's Reputation Suite highlights, analyses and alerts you to the issues influencing your reputation so that you can make more informed business decisions

    Reputation can no longer be analysed through traditional methods, which provide a disjointed, fragmented and narrow view, and are unable to capture which issues present the greatest risks or opportunities to a company's reputation in context to its competitors and market.

    Business functions that have direct responsibility for the company's reputation such as Risk and Audit, HR, Marketing, Corporate Affairs, Customer Insight and, most importantly the Executive Committee, need to have the right intelligence to be able to respond quickly to emerging reputational risks and opportunities.

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    Businesses today need reputation business intelligence that helps them to identify the issues that matter most to protect and enhance their reputation.

    alva's white papers provide research and thought leadership on many aspects of corporate reputation - underlining our commitment to provide valuable insight to understand the dynamics of reputation.

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    We host a regular series of events and briefings to give you the chance to pick up first-hand insights into the latest trends and opinions around corporate reputation.

    Our thought-leadership events are aimed at senior experts from global businesses in Risk and Audit, Marketing, Corporate Affairs, HR and all others looking to obtain insight into reputation intelligence and provide an invaluable forum for sharing best practice and for discussing the key issues.

    • 14 July, 2015

      Industry & Defense Breakfast Roundtable

      Industry speaker - Reputation roundup of 2014 and trends for 2015

    • 01 August, 2015

      Financial Services Breakfast Roundtable

      Industry speaker - Does the regulator care about risk?

    Example Report

    alva Insight reports present detailed analysis of a company’s reputation over a period of time benchmarked against its peers and the sector. To view an example report and understand how it can help your organisation please complete the form and one of our team will be in touch.