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Audi CEO Arrest: Could other corporations be at risk of Reputation Contagion?

Published the 02 July, 2018
Audi CEO arrest: Could other corporations be at risk of reputation Contagion?

The Audi CEO and “Dieselgate” fall-out alva first profiled the Volkswagen emissions scandal – “dieselgate” – in September 2015. We asked if the reputational crisis would likely impact customer advocacy and purchasing decisions. The conclusion of our analysis was that though there were calls on social media to stop buying VWs, the company could leverage […]

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Disrupting Cobalt’s Supply Chain: A Communications Opportunity for Apple

Published the 28 March, 2018
Cobalt mining and Apple

As the adoption of lithium-ion batteries in consumer electronics and electric vehicles continues to accelerate, Communications professionals are faced with a new stakeholder to manage. The big-players are now engaging directly with miners and consequently disrupting long-standing traditional supply chains. This piece examines the potential benefits these companies can leverage for their reputation and social […]

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Which car manufacturers made the biggest splash at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017?

Published the 19 October, 2017

The International Motor Show in Frankfurt is the world’s largest motor show, presenting a significant opportunity for leading car manufacturers to generate attention. In order to understand which brands have made the most of this global platform this year, alva analysed all social content related to the event, for more than 30 manufacturers, throughout September […]

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Which car manufacturers are most visible around electric and hybrid vehicles?

Published the 29 September, 2017
Top car brands for electric cars

One of the hottest topics at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show has been electric cars, with some speculating that the automotive industry is getting to the point where electric cars are crowding out traditional combustion engines. In July 2017, the UK Government announced it would ban the sale of all petrol and diesel cars by […]

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Which car manufacturers dominate driverless cars coverage?

Published the 14 September, 2017

As the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 gets underway, two of the key innovations likely to feature heavily will be driverless cars and electric cars. Over the coming weeks, alva will be analysing which automotive brands are getting discussed most in relation to these themes, as well as which manufacturers made the biggest impression at the […]

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U.S. Airlines Industry: Customer Complaints & Reputation Contagion

Published the 14 July, 2017

Where Should the Airlines Industry Focus its Customer Service Efforts? In the wake of escalating and highly publicized controversy, the Airlines industry in the U.S. is under increasing scrutiny by consumers and regulators alike, with customer service a key focus. In early May, triggered by the now notorious United Airlines event, U.S. lawmakers, as noted by the Wall […]

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Which Aerospace companies dominated the Paris Air Show 2017?

Published the 05 July, 2017
Top aerospace companies at Paris Air Show 2017

The biennial Paris Air Show is one of the key events in the global aerospace calendar. It is one of the most prominent stages to showcase new technology to potential buyers in the corporate and military sector, as well as to impress the media and public. In the lead-up to the 2017 show, much of […]

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Which airlines have the best reputation for customer service?

Published the 28 June, 2016

Airline customer service stories – both good and bad – often create headline news. Whether a public figure “slams” a carrier for its poor service or an airline shows sympathy for the plight of an ill passenger, these anecdotes often resonate with customers’ personal experiences. But which are the stories that get amplified? While there […]

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How to best communicate an automotive product recall

Published the 02 March, 2016

Vehicle recalls have historically been one of the biggest sources of negativity for carmakers. In the past month alone mainstream media coverage has focused on Toyota’s global recall of 2.87m vehicles due to potential seatbelt malfunctions, a 5m airbag control unit recall by Continental Automotive Systems and the string of car firms recalling models which […]

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What is the Reputation Damage of VW’s Emissions Admission?

Published the 30 September, 2015

As reporting on the VW emissions fraud gathers pace (currently there are over 1.6m+ references to this detected in alva’s live platform) and discussions turn to the medium and long-term reputation damage of the revelations to Volkswagen, it seems timely to use alva’s integrated metrics system to consult the publically-available data and provide an evidence-based perspective on […]

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