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Mining Indaba 2017: How have the key issues progressed since the event?

Published the 30 August, 2017
Mining Indaba 2017 infographic

Earlier this year, alva reviewed all discussions relating to Mining Indaba 2017. Our analysis looked at the key issues being discussed and identified the greatest risks and opportunities to corporate reputation in the mining sector. You can view an infographic of the findings below, but three of the main issues to come to the fore were indigenous […]

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Which Aerospace companies dominated the Paris Air Show 2017?

Published the 05 July, 2017
Top aerospace companies at Paris Air Show 2017

The biennial Paris Air Show is one of the key events in the global aerospace calendar. It is one of the most prominent stages to showcase new technology to potential buyers in the corporate and military sector, as well as to impress the media and public. In the lead-up to the 2017 show, much of […]

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alva interview: EntrepreneursTalk@Cass

Published the 07 December, 2016
CEO Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela was featured as part of EntrepreneursTalk@Cass

Entrepreneurship, stakeholder intelligence and innovation were the big topics when alva CEO Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela was featured as part of EntrepreneursTalk@Cass, a series of interviews with some of the UK’s most innovative and inspirational tech entrepreneurs Stakeholder Intelligence “What’s going on externally matters much more than 15 years ago and company reputations can change very rapidly” With reputation being […]

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alva speaks on business resilience at Ernst & Young Risk Leaders Forum

Published the 29 February, 2016

In February 2016, Ernst & Young hosted the latest of its Risk Leaders Forum events, focusing on the subject of “How organisations can become more resilient in order to protect shareholder value and reputation”. The background to the event was the increasing regularity with which high-profile organisations have fallen prey to major incidents such as […]

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Davos and Investment Banks: Who had the leading voice?

Published the 03 February, 2016

Investment banks were named in nearly 10% of all Davos conversations relating to banking [1], with 87% of the discussion coming from social media – a 9% higher proportion than the industry’s average during January. Investment banks stimulated and contributed to fresh conversations beyond the Davos staples of economy and tech. Corporate culture [2] was […]

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DSEI – the reputational winners and losers in the defence sector

Published the 07 October, 2015

Companies starting early campaigns to generate coverage in advance of DSEI accrued the most reputational benefit from the event. Companies focusing on the civilian applications of their technologies or projects with a “futuristic” element gained the most positive coverage in national media, increasing the reach and visibility of positive technology messages. Coverage of legacy reputational […]

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Industry & Defense Breakfast Roundtable

Published the 20 July, 2015

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