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Top technological innovations and innovators in Insurance

Published the 14 September, 2017

Insurance Interrupted Even as we publish this post, headlines about disruption in the traditional insurance space continue to emerge. “InsureTech” innovators are on the rise. This is driving many of the leading providers to think about how they can better appeal to the “digital natives” amongst their stakeholders. These headlines and recent discussions with our […]

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A.I. in Financial Services – Where is the White Space?

Published the 25 July, 2017

In recent conversations with some of the world’s leading Financial Services firms, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has bubbled up as a recurring theme. So our alva Insight Analysts conducted a white space analysis to shed light on the key questions that concern consumers when it comes to A.I. in Financial Services. Understanding where this A.I. “white space” exists can open […]

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Which Sponsors of the Champions League achieved most visibility during the final?

Published the 08 June, 2017
Champions League sponsors visibility ranking

Sports sponsorship is big business and the Champions League final is the premier club competition in world football. There are currently eight official sponsors of the tournament, many of which are long-term partners, paying around £40M-£45M per year. As the tournament runs throughout the season, sponsors gain exposure over a significant period, with a cumulative […]

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The importance of student account planning for retail banks

Published the 23 March, 2017
Student bank account strategy

As A-level students are just starting to thinking about their exams, there is another group who are already turning their thoughts to fresher’s week – high street banks. Over the next couple of months, plans will be drawn up, campaigns will be designed and offers will be finalised all with the aim of attracting the […]

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Reputation risk contagion: How one company can drag a whole sector down

Published the 22 March, 2017
Reputation risk contagion: How one company can drag a whole sector down

The March edition of Journal of Network Theory In Finance, reveals that it just takes negative coverage of one bank to affect perceptions of the industry as a whole. A leading Risk professional, Peter Mitic, used alva’s daily company reputation ratings for 10 of the leading UK banks, comparing larger-than-average movements in the reputation of each […]

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Co-op Bank case study: Reputation analysis

Published the 02 March, 2017

The last few years have been very difficult for the Co-operative Bank, narrowly avoiding bankruptcy in late 2013 while at the same time also being hit by a scandal surrounding its former CEO Paul Flowers, causing significant damage to company reputation. In mid-February 2017 the bank announced it was putting itself up for sale so […]

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The top insurers for reputation in 2016

Published the 13 December, 2016

PwC’s annual report on the top insurance industry issues, suggested that 2016 could be the year when technology becomes a more prominent issue in the previously traditional sector. With the insurance industry potentially entering a period of flux, we wanted to understand what issues are filtering through to the mainstream and affecting how the public […]

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How are phishing attacks affecting the corporate reputation of banks?

Published the 05 July, 2016

The UK police have highlighted a number of recent scam phishing attacks in 2016 attempting to gain account log-in details and security information. Notable examples have included email-based scams targeting Ebay customers and SMS-based scams targeting Apple customers. Some involved a combination of voice and email phishing and resulted in hundreds of thousands of pounds […]

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Investing in emerging markets: how to best communicate your risky bet

Published the 15 June, 2016

Recently, there has been increasing media analysis of private equity acquisitions due to India’s active start-up scene and investor “confidence in the long-term viability” of the sector that has struggled for the past two years. As such, India has emerged as a fertile ground for investment opportunities. Similarly, there has been a growing business focus from […]

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What impact has Android Pay had on banks?

Published the 15 June, 2016

On the 18th May this year, Google launched Android Pay in the UK to enable Android users that hold accounts with supporting banks to make contactless payments using their phone. Android Pay is often billed as Google’s rival to Apply Pay, which launched in July 2015 to a huge reaction in which consumers responded both […]

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