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Posts in category Media Analysis

A.I. in Financial Services – Where is the White Space?

Published the 25 July, 2017

In recent conversations with some of the world’s leading Financial Services firms, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) has bubbled up as a recurring theme. So our alva Insight Analysts conducted a white space analysis to shed light on the key questions that concern consumers when it comes to A.I. in Financial Services. Understanding where this A.I. “white space” exists can open […]

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U.S. Airlines Industry: Customer Complaints & Reputation Contagion

Published the 14 July, 2017

Where Should the Airlines Industry Focus its Customer Service Efforts? In the wake of escalating and highly publicized controversy, the Airlines industry in the U.S. is under increasing scrutiny by consumers and regulators alike, with customer service a key focus. In early May, triggered by the now notorious United Airlines event, U.S. lawmakers, as noted by the Wall […]

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How companies can measure Advocacy on Social Media

Published the 18 May, 2017
Measuring social media advocacy

Social media is an increasingly important channel for modern businesses of all scales. Research has revealed that 74% of consumers use social media to guide purchasing decisions, while during pre-shopping planning, 75% of people use Facebook to get advice and recommendations from friends and family. It isn’t just peer reviews that are of interest – 60% […]

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AGM Questioning: How to predict and prepare for the key issues

Published the 02 May, 2017
AGM questions - predicting and preparing

Annual General Meetings are one of the major events in the Communications professional’s calendar and for most FTSE100 companies they tend to represent the highest platform for issues and stakeholder management during the year. Predicting which questions are likely to come from the company’s most vocal and antagonistic shareholders is a difficult task for companies […]

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Executive Pay: Understanding the Reputational and Privacy Risks

Published the 28 March, 2017
Executive Pay: Understanding the Reputational and Privacy Risks

A practical, evidence backed guide to assessing your company’s exposure to reputational issues arising from executive pay Download a free PDF version of this report Executive pay is a complicated, controversial – and, at times, toxic issue. It is probably not surprising to learn that 67% of all content analysed by alva on executive pay […]

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Did sponsorship of the Olympics or Paralympics give greater returns?

Published the 26 September, 2016
Comparison in Visibility of Global Olympic Partners in Olympics vs historic average and in Paralympics vs historic average

As the 2016 Paralympics came to a close, we were keen to understand how sponsorship of this event compared with our earlier report on the effectiveness of sponsorship for the main Olympic Games. alva analysed all publicly-available global English language content for the 10 Global Olympic and Paralympics Partners in the 12 months prior to the […]

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Reviewing Theresa May’s first fortnight as Prime Minister – analysing public reaction

Published the 29 July, 2016

A recent poll by The Times indicated that there were millions of previous Labour voters who thought that Theresa May would be a better Prime Minister than Jeremy Corbyn. This would appear to be another victory for May following the praise she received for her performance in her first Prime Minister’s Questions. To understand more […]

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How big a risk is drug pricing to pharmaceuticals?

Published the 21 July, 2016

The health secretary Jeremy Hunt has asked the competition watchdog to investigate accusations that drug companies are “exploiting” the NHS to raise their prices. The claim is that the use of loopholes has resulted in a price rise of over 1,000% for 32 drugs over the past 5 years. This follows concern from within the […]

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Tory Leadership analysis: Did Leadsom need to concede?

Published the 11 July, 2016

The Tory Leadership battle took another twist today, with Andrea Leadsom withdrawing from the race and apparently leaving the way clear for Theresa May. Pressure had been building on Leadsom over the weekend, but her position in the race was still by no means untenable. If we look at the five-day sentiment* trends for Leadsom […]

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Tory Leadership race: media coverage comparison

Published the 07 July, 2016

Today the Tory party will narrow down the leadership candidates to the final two, following the elimination of Liam Fox and the withdrawal of Stephen Crabb earlier in the week. While Michael Gove was prominent throughout the EU Referendum campaign, and Theresa May has been a leading member of David Cameron’s cabinet, Andrea Leadsom has […]

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