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U.S. Airlines Industry: Customer Complaints & Reputation Contagion

Published the 14 July, 2017

Where Should the Airlines Industry Focus its Customer Service Efforts? In the wake of escalating and highly publicized controversy, the Airlines industry in the U.S. is under increasing scrutiny by consumers and regulators alike, with customer service a key focus. In early May, triggered by the now notorious United Airlines event, U.S. lawmakers, as noted by the Wall […]

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How companies can measure Advocacy on Social Media

Published the 18 May, 2017
Measuring social media advocacy

Social media is an increasingly important channel for modern businesses of all scales. Research has revealed that 74% of consumers use social media to guide purchasing decisions, while during pre-shopping planning, 75% of people use Facebook to get advice and recommendations from friends and family. It isn’t just peer reviews that are of interest – 60% […]

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Integrated intelligence leader alva announces strategic investment in media monitoring business

Published the 10 March, 2017

alva partners with XY Media to provide the FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 with the fastest, most comprehensive, intelligent media monitoring service on the market Having established itself over the past 7 years as a leader in the market for stakeholder, media and reputation intelligence, alva has announced an strategic investment to further strengthen its […]

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Media Monitoring: Fixed vs. variable pricing

Published the 04 August, 2016
Media monitoring pricing comparison

Alongside missed clips, the single biggest gripe about monitoring has to be variable, per clip or per page pricing, still a dominant media monitoring pricing model for many vendors. The issue for many resides in the notion of being charged for generating coverage. Under a variable pricing framework, the more coverage a company generates, the […]

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Labour leadership contest – Corbyn versus Smith

Published the 21 July, 2016

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been under increased pressure since the UK vote to leave the EU led to mass resignations from his shadow cabinet. Many in the party wanted to remain in the EU and Corbyn was criticised for not taking a stronger pro-Remain stance during the campaign. In the aftermath of the vote, […]

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Media Monitoring: Filtering the noise to reduce content overload

Published the 22 June, 2016

The explosion of digital media means it is very easy to become overloaded with content. If left unchecked, this can eat into more and more of the Communications team’s time and energy. When it comes to media monitoring it is therefore vital to ask yourself what you consider to be relevant and important information. Do […]

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Media monitoring best practice: 5 key considerations

Published the 10 June, 2016

While the vast majority of Communications teams in small, medium and large organisations across the world will have some form of media monitoring in place, their actual customer experience is often poor. The service has variously attracted a bad reputation for being expensive, fragmented, inaccurate and slow. You can download the full report as a […]

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Media Monitoring: Customising monitoring for different business needs

Published the 09 June, 2016

It is important for numerous different job functions to receive brand insights and be aware of what is being said about their company and its rivals. However, the frequency, timing and content of the messages they require will differ by function and seniority. Historically, it was the Communications team’s responsibility to split up and re-send […]

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Media Monitoring: Need for Speed and Influencer alerting

Published the 02 June, 2016

Real-time media monitoring alerts have become a staple of Communications’ crisis tool kit, enabling the department to respond swiftly to any emerging issues before they escalate. However, “real-time” has a very broad definition across media monitoring service providers. At alva, we tested a number of different real-time alerts and found that notifications took anywhere between […]

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Media monitoring – all in one place or different providers?

Published the 09 May, 2016
Media monitoring

The advent of digital media has caused an exponential increase in the number of channels to monitor. Alongside print and broadcast outlets, organisations now have to take online and social media sources into consideration. The media monitoring industry responded to this development in a largely siloed manner – adding these new channels via separate portals […]

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