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Who are the most visible global Pharma CEOs?

Published the 07 September, 2017

Ahead of alva’s annual Pharmaceutical CEO report, we reviewed the most visible CEOs in the global pharma sector over the past 12 months. We analysed millions of pieces of global content, across all media channels, to discover which senior pharma figures were featuring most often. Image 1: Most visible Pharma CEOs   Kenneth c. Frazier […]

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Executive Pay: Understanding the Reputational and Privacy Risks

Published the 28 March, 2017
Executive Pay: Understanding the Reputational and Privacy Risks

A practical, evidence backed guide to assessing your company’s exposure to reputational issues arising from executive pay Download a free PDF version of this report Executive pay is a complicated, controversial – and, at times, toxic issue. It is probably not surprising to learn that 67% of all content analysed by alva on executive pay […]

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Why corporate affairs should lead on corporate strategy development

Published the 02 February, 2017
Why corporate affairs should lead on corporate strategy development

Author’s note The Corporate Affairs remit varies from company to company. In the context of this paper it refers to the team responsible for corporate communications – internal and external, government relations, public affairs, community relations and investor relations. In short, the team responsible for managing the stakeholder landscape of the business. You can download […]

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What is the long term reputational effect of a cybersecurity breach? TalkTalk – 12 months later

Published the 10 November, 2016
TalkTalk - What is the long term reputational affect of a cybersecurity breach?

Cybersecurity has featured heavily in the news during 2016, with large data breaches at Yahoo, LinkedIn, O2 and Sage all making the headlines. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016 ranked cybersecurity as the greatest risk to doing business in North America and the second biggest risk for the UK. Globally, cyber attacks rank […]

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Did sponsorship of the Olympics or Paralympics give greater returns?

Published the 26 September, 2016
Comparison in Visibility of Global Olympic Partners in Olympics vs historic average and in Paralympics vs historic average

As the 2016 Paralympics came to a close, we were keen to understand how sponsorship of this event compared with our earlier report on the effectiveness of sponsorship for the main Olympic Games. alva analysed all publicly-available global English language content for the 10 Global Olympic and Paralympics Partners in the 12 months prior to the […]

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Corporate Affairs Report: Reputation Intelligence – Risk and opportunity

Published the 04 July, 2016

The phrase “reputation risk” has become entrenched in the media and is frequently ranked as the key risk facing businesses. However, while the risk has long been acknowledged, many companies have been unsure how to tackle it, assigning it to the Corporate Affairs or Communications teams almost by default. The increasing visibility of this risk […]

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Media monitoring best practice: 5 key considerations

Published the 10 June, 2016

While the vast majority of Communications teams in small, medium and large organisations across the world will have some form of media monitoring in place, their actual customer experience is often poor. The service has variously attracted a bad reputation for being expensive, fragmented, inaccurate and slow. You can download the full report as a […]

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Report: Executive Pay – Can the reputational risk be mitigated?

Published the 25 May, 2016

Executive pay is an emotive and complicated issue which continues to dominate the headlines. Irrespective of whether executive pay is becoming more or less responsible, the fact is that it is a toxic issue. Over 67% of all content analysed by alva on executive pay is explicitly negative in sentiment. Our report analyses how companies […]

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Reputation Risk: An opportunity for Corporate Affairs

Published the 11 May, 2016
Key Reputational Risk Indicator reporting - Thomas Cook

It seems barely possible to open a newspaper (as outdated a notion as that might seem) these days without reading about an organisation facing a risk to its reputation. The phrase “reputation risk” has become entrenched in the media lexicon, acting as a shorthand for something bad that a company has done or that has […]

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Executive Remuneration: The reputational risks of executive pay announcements

Published the 05 May, 2016
Volumes of executive pay coverage in public sources vs FTSE350 executive pay over time

Executive pay is a complicated and controversial topic, resulting in the potential for multiple reputational risks. According to the Economic Policy Institute, CEO compensation grew by 997.2% between 1978 and 2015 and this increase has fuelled concerns over the equitability of executive payouts from a growing number of institutional shareholders, politicians, business media and the […]

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