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5G: How can Telecoms best engage with consumers?

Published the 21 March, 2018
5G coverage at Mobile World Congress

In the lead-up to the Mobile World Congress, many media outlets and industry commentators touted 5G as the focal point of the event. Post-event, as well, the feeling within media was that 5G had been the darling of the showcase. While the upgrade to 5G is likely to impact both industrial and consumer stakeholders, commentators […]

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What is the long term reputational effect of a cybersecurity breach? TalkTalk – 12 months later

Published the 10 November, 2016
TalkTalk - What is the long term reputational affect of a cybersecurity breach?

Cybersecurity has featured heavily in the news during 2016, with large data breaches at Yahoo, LinkedIn, O2 and Sage all making the headlines. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016 ranked cybersecurity as the greatest risk to doing business in North America and the second biggest risk for the UK. Globally, cyber attacks rank […]

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The three biggest reputational risks for telecoms consolidation

Published the 03 February, 2016

Earlier last month, on the 15th of January, BT’s £12.5bn takeover of EE was approved by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Just two days later, news broke that Three’s attempted takeover of O2 “will face a major hurdle in Brussels” as the European Commission is expected to demand harsh concessions, such as forcing Three to […]

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The reputational risk of cybersecurity attacks: TalkTalk case study

Published the 31 October, 2015

You can download the full report as a free PDF here. TalkTalk’s announcement of a cybersecurity breach on October 22 is the latest in a long line of similar incidents which have affected companies including Sony, Ashley Madison, Barclays and Carphone Warehouse amongst others. While opinions are divided, many commentators have used this incident to highlight […]

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Good apprentice schemes boost reputations of leading organisations

Published the 04 September, 2015

The UK Government target for apprenticeships has increased the positive impact of hiring announcements in 2015 Companies winning political advocacy for their apprenticeship schemes are outperforming their peers for reputation Companies not being seen to play fair with apprentices are suffering significant criticism Political support for apprentices The UK government’s target of three million new […]

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