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Integrated intelligence leader alva announces strategic investment in media monitoring business

Published the 10 March, 2017

alva partners with XY Media to provide the FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 with the fastest, most comprehensive, intelligent media monitoring service on the market

Having established itself over the past 7 years as a leader in the market for stakeholder, media and reputation intelligence, alva has announced an strategic investment to further strengthen its media monitoring solution.

The investment takes the form of a substantial enhancement to alva’s underlying media monitoring technology to expand the sources and languages tracked, as well as the speed with which content is made available. In addition, alva has formed a strategic partnership with XY Media, a provider of innovative, bespoke and intelligent media monitoring services with over 60 years of industry experience.

These two elements combine industry-leading technology with human editorial expertise to deliver the fastest, most comprehensive, intelligent media monitoring service on the market.

Alberto Lopez, Chief Executive and Founder of alva explained the benefits of combining alva’s innovative company monitoring technology with XY Media’s extensive monitoring knowledge:

“We are delighted to form the partnership with XY Media so that we can offer the best media monitoring solution to the increasing requirements of our clients who are looking for monitoring that combines our best-in-class technology with the ability to deliver highly complex monitoring briefs compiled by experts.”

“We see this innovative approach to media monitoring as a core part of our consolidated intelligence solution and indeed over 60% of our clients now take our monitoring as part of their overall alva service.”

Clients will see a number of benefits from this announcement, including:

  • A broader global footprintClients can now receive content across 95% of the globe, with over 40% of alva clients monitoring non-English language content
  • The fastest real-time alerts in the market: alva’s real-time alerts outperform the rest of the industry by on average 15 minutes, ensuring clients stay on top of their key issues
  • Intelligent curated alerts: Different users can tailor their media monitoring to their individual needs, giving them the stories that matter

Lopez explained: “At alva we understand that businesses that connect better with their stakeholders create more sustainable and long-term shareholder value. By constantly innovating and investing in our media monitoring solutions, our clients are best-placed to promptly identify, track and respond to emerging opportunities and risks across all of their key stakeholders.”

The announcement is a prelude to further media monitoring and analysis developments from alva planned for 2017 such as the launch of a new monitoring and analysis platform in Q2 2017.


About alva

alva provides intelligence to the Fortune Global 500

We integrate business, stakeholder and media intelligence to help our clients understand and connect with their stakeholders

Businesses that connect better with their stakeholders create more sustainable and long-term shareholder value

Our intelligence enables this connection


About XY Media

XY Media is a new player in the UK and International Media Intelligence space. Our senior management team consists of experienced industry experts who have held high level positions in the media monitoring and analysis industry sector, both in the UK and abroad.

We feel passionately that there is a great demand and opportunity for an alternative provider of accurate, relevant and insightful media reporting services with a strong emphasis on understanding the exact needs of our clients, both on a day to day basis and at times of heightened media activity or crisis.



Aaron Reid

Head of Digital Marketing

0203 735 9795


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