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What is the long term reputational effect of a cybersecurity breach? TalkTalk – 12 months later

Published the 10 November, 2016
TalkTalk - What is the long term reputational affect of a cybersecurity breach?

Cybersecurity has featured heavily in the news during 2016, with large data breaches at Yahoo, LinkedIn, O2 and Sage all making the headlines. The World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2016 ranked cybersecurity as the greatest risk to doing business in North America and the second biggest risk for the UK. Globally, cyber attacks rank […]

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How are phishing attacks affecting the corporate reputation of banks?

Published the 05 July, 2016

The UK police have highlighted a number of recent scam phishing attacks in 2016 attempting to gain account log-in details and security information. Notable examples have included email-based scams targeting Ebay customers and SMS-based scams targeting Apple customers. Some involved a combination of voice and email phishing and resulted in hundreds of thousands of pounds […]

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Which are the top 3 companies for cyber security in the defence sector?

Published the 29 June, 2016

Over the past six months, alva’s analysis of the defence sector has seen an increase in competition among manufacturers positioning their organisations as focused on cyber security. In November 2015, Chancellor George Osborne announced the government’s policy of cyber investment, aiming at increasing the UK’s cyber capabilities as part of the UK Spending Review, whilst […]

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Risk Leaders 2015 – IRM event summary

Published the 12 November, 2015

On Wednesday 11th November the Institute of Risk Management hosted the Risk Leaders 2015 event in London. The focus was on risk leaders developing comprehensive strategies to anticipate, measure and accept risks, enabling them to respond better to emerging risks and also better identify strategic opportunities. alva’s CEO, Alberto Lopez, spoke at the event, explaining […]

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Report: Cybersecurity and the risks to reputation

Published the 04 November, 2015

With Cybersecurity and data breaches making headlines following high profile incidents at TalkTalk and now Vodafone, alva leveraged its content analytics engine to understand the reputational impact of such events and what lessons there are for companies planning for and responding to data breaches. This report analyses the issue of data breaches using over 12 months’ worth of data for TalkTalk, Sony, Barclays, RSA, LV= and […]

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The reputational risk of cybersecurity attacks: TalkTalk case study

Published the 31 October, 2015

You can download the full report as a free PDF here. TalkTalk’s announcement of a cybersecurity breach on October 22 is the latest in a long line of similar incidents which have affected companies including Sony, Ashley Madison, Barclays and Carphone Warehouse amongst others. While opinions are divided, many commentators have used this incident to highlight […]

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Data security and reputations : Risk or Opportunity?

Published the 27 February, 2014

New technologies have changed the way large organisations and companies interact with the public. Online consumerism means that purchases can be made online, at arms length. The distance from the traditional means of more physical exchange entails a level of trust not necessary in personal exchange, making reputational capital indispensible for digitally orientated businesses and […]

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