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Posts in tag fintech

What impact has Android Pay had on banks?

Published the 15 June, 2016

On the 18th May this year, Google launched Android Pay in the UK to enable Android users that hold accounts with supporting banks to make contactless payments using their phone. Android Pay is often billed as Google’s rival to Apply Pay, which launched in July 2015 to a huge reaction in which consumers responded both […]

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Maximising the value of Fintech acquisition

Published the 28 April, 2016

In the last few years, there has been an increasing business and media focus on digital disruption. These have manifested in big developments in communication channels, e-commerce, hospitality and taxi services and there is speculation that the wider economy will follow. In parallel, there has been a rising interest from companies in the financial sector […]

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Worldpay rising: what are the reputational opportunities?

Published the 17 June, 2015

Positive stakeholder perceptions of Worldpay have surged in recent weeks* following both the announcement that the company will offer Apple Pay technology and the growing interest in its IPO. This dynamism can be attributed to three key reputation drivers:   Products & Services Worldpay’s move to offer Apple Pay technology to UK customers generated 95% […]

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The top three banks for customer experience

Published the 29 May, 2015

Customer experience in the retail banking sector remains bedevilled by new and historic challenges spanning service consolidation, corporate restructuring, conduct risk and channel access, among others. Yet there remain clear areas of differentiation which are setting the top performers apart. alva’s latest 2015 Customer Experience Index* reveals the habits of the top three banks in […]

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