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The top insurers for reputation in 2016

Published the 13 December, 2016

PwC’s annual report on the top insurance industry issues, suggested that 2016 could be the year when technology becomes a more prominent issue in the previously traditional sector. With the insurance industry potentially entering a period of flux, we wanted to understand what issues are filtering through to the mainstream and affecting how the public […]

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How does fintech provide a reputation opportunity to insurers?

Published the 24 November, 2015

Investment in start-ups is helping to avoid “insurance dinosaur” perceptions AXA is leading the industry through its start-up investment programme “Self-disruption” is key to UK insurers maintaining relevance in the fintech space In our recent piece on the impact of P2P on the reputation of banks we analysed trends in P2P lending and how “altfi” […]

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Renewal pricing: brand equity under fire

Published the 15 April, 2014

Increasing customer churn and threatened brand equity are two of the emerging risks the insurance industry will have to deal with if the issue of excessive renewal quotes remains unaddressed.

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Floods and insurers: what are the reputational risks?

Published the 10 March, 2014

On 19 February, The Times columnist Ross Clark wrote an opinion piece entitled “Profits soaring, the insurance industry must love floods”. Mr Clark pointed to rising share prices among insurers since December’s storms and pointed to the opportunity to “jack up” premiums. While general insurance premiums have fallen in 2013, and October’s St Jude storm […]

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Corporate culture issues impacting insurer reputations in 2013

Published the 04 February, 2014

alva’s analysis over the second half of 2013 reveals that the insurance sector achieved one of the highest reputation scores of all industries analysed by alva. While the reputation of many insurers was driven by topical issues affecting the entire sector – such as annuity rates, auto-enrolment reform or the impact of October’s St Jude […]

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alva has teamed up with Insurance Post to provide insurance sector reputation scores and analysis.

Published the 28 February, 2013

“Industry Reputation: An outsider’s view” 26th Feb 2013, Insurance Post, Jonathan Swift In the first of a quarterly series, Alva has teamed up with Insurance Post to provide an overview of how individual firms are perceived and how the insurance market is judged as a whole. Alva calculated the lowest and highest reputation scores in […]

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