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Which car manufacturers made the biggest splash at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017?

Published the 19 October, 2017

The International Motor Show in Frankfurt is the world’s largest motor show, presenting a significant opportunity for leading car manufacturers to generate attention. In order to understand which brands have made the most of this global platform this year, alva analysed all social content related to the event, for more than 30 manufacturers, throughout September […]

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Who are the most visible global Pharma CEOs?

Published the 07 September, 2017

Ahead of alva’s annual Pharmaceutical CEO report, we reviewed the most visible CEOs in the global pharma sector over the past 12 months. We analysed millions of pieces of global content, across all media channels, to discover which senior pharma figures were featuring most often. Image 1: Most visible Pharma CEOs   Kenneth c. Frazier […]

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Mining Indaba 2017 Review: Which mining companies had the biggest impact?

Published the 09 March, 2017
Mining Indaba 2017 review

Mining Indaba brings together the key players within the mining industry. It provides a forum for business leaders, industry experts and members of political organisations from across the world to share their experiences over the past 12 months, as well as look ahead to the challenges and reputation opportunities they believe will shape mining in […]

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What were the challenges and reputation opportunities for supermarkets in 2016?

Published the 02 March, 2017
Supermarket industry review 2016

2016 was another highly competitive year for the UK supermarket industry. For a number of years, the traditional giants in the sector have been under increasing pressure from the budget disrupter brands like Aldi and Lidl. In order to get a detailed understanding of the issues that were driving both positive and negative perceptions of […]

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The top insurers for reputation in 2016

Published the 13 December, 2016

PwC’s annual report on the top insurance industry issues, suggested that 2016 could be the year when technology becomes a more prominent issue in the previously traditional sector. With the insurance industry potentially entering a period of flux, we wanted to understand what issues are filtering through to the mainstream and affecting how the public […]

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Which are the top 3 companies for cyber security in the defence sector?

Published the 29 June, 2016

Over the past six months, alva’s analysis of the defence sector has seen an increase in competition among manufacturers positioning their organisations as focused on cyber security. In November 2015, Chancellor George Osborne announced the government’s policy of cyber investment, aiming at increasing the UK’s cyber capabilities as part of the UK Spending Review, whilst […]

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Which airlines have the best reputation for customer service?

Published the 28 June, 2016

Airline customer service stories – both good and bad – often create headline news. Whether a public figure “slams” a carrier for its poor service or an airline shows sympathy for the plight of an ill passenger, these anecdotes often resonate with customers’ personal experiences. But which are the stories that get amplified? While there […]

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Investing in emerging markets: how to best communicate your risky bet

Published the 15 June, 2016

Recently, there has been increasing media analysis of private equity acquisitions due to India’s active start-up scene and investor “confidence in the long-term viability” of the sector that has struggled for the past two years. As such, India has emerged as a fertile ground for investment opportunities. Similarly, there has been a growing business focus from […]

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What impact has Android Pay had on banks?

Published the 15 June, 2016

On the 18th May this year, Google launched Android Pay in the UK to enable Android users that hold accounts with supporting banks to make contactless payments using their phone. Android Pay is often billed as Google’s rival to Apply Pay, which launched in July 2015 to a huge reaction in which consumers responded both […]

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The Panama Papers Leak: how to respond in a crisis

Published the 07 June, 2016

In April, the leak of the Panama Papers from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca led to large-scale media coverage. In what has been called one of “biggest data breaches” in history, an unprecedented 1.1m files from Mossack Fonseca’s database were leaked by an anonymous source. The documents named multiple banks such as Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, […]

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