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Which Aerospace companies dominated the Paris Air Show 2017?

The biennial Paris Air Show is one of the key events in the global aerospace calendar. It is one of the most prominent stages to showcase new technology to potential buyers in the corporate and military sector, as well as to impress the media and public.

In the lead-up to the 2017 show, much of the focus was on the prominent rivalry between Airbus and Boeing. A widely shared article by the Associated Press speculated that the competition between these two aerospace giants would be the main theme of the event, with Airbus having generated $57bn of orders during the 2015 event compared to Boeing’s £50bn.

However, another prominent preview suggested that while both firms would remain leading fixtures at the event, they would both be under pressure from other players in the market hoping to use this platform to make significant gains in the sector.

In order to discover how the leading Aerospace companies performed at the 2017 event, we analysed over 200,000 pieces of global content related to the event, between 17-25 June.

The infographic below shows which companies best leveraged the Paris Air Show to gain the largest share of voice around the event:
Aerospace Share of Voice infographic for Paris Air Show 2017


The data supports the pre-event predictions that Boeing and Airbus would dominate discussions, achieving a combined 66% share of voice.

Boeing beat out its rival with 37% of coverage, compared to Airbus’s 29%. This coverage victory tallies with the early reports of Boeing’s commercial success – generating $74.8bn of orders compared to $42.2bn by Airbus.

The pre-event negativity around Boeing seems particularly misplaced, given they increased sales by almost 50% from 2015. During the event, Boeing announced the launch of its new 737 MAX 10 model, a brand which featured in over 9% of all discussions related to the event.

Beyond the big two players, Lockheed Martin were the only brand to garner a significant chunk of coverage, being referenced in 14% of discussions. The biggest driver of coverage was speculation they were close to a deal worth between $35bn-$40bn to supply F-35 Jets to eleven nations.

General Electric (5%) and Embraer (3%) complete the Top 5 most-discussed aerospace brands at Paris Air Show 2017.

Visibility and share of voice at an event is just the top level of analysis that alva produces. If you’d like to know more about the positivity and negativity of the coverage, the main industry issues discussed, and which issues were important for each company, please get in touch to find out more:

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