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The high profile issue of corporate reputation continues to grab the attention of businesses across Europe and Alva founder and Chief Executive Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela has been in demand for his views on the issue.

Alberto was invited to speak at the first Corporate Reputation and Reputational Risk Executive in Madrid this month. Organised by the IE Business School and the Corporate Reputation Forum, composed of 15 of the most powerful Spanish businesses, the event was the first training course in leadership and management of corporate reputation and risk to be held in the country.

Alberto was invited to speak on Alva’s unique software, which for the first time enables companies to accurately measure corporate reputation and manage reputational risk. Alva monitors over half-a-million news and financial announcements, trading and analyst reports and social media comments a day to assess the impact on the reputations of companies by industry sector.

In the UK, Alberto was invited to present Alva’s unique approach to MBA alumni at Cass Business School. Located in the heart of London’s financial district, Cass Business School is a leading provider of business and management education. Its MBA is recognised globally as a market leader and the school is ranked in the UK’s top 10 business and management research establishments.

“In the past month, Alva has stood shoulder to shoulder at European events with some of the world’s leading authorities on corporate reputation measurement and risk management,” said Alva Founder and CEO, Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela. “This issue is the next major challenge facing for the boardroom and I am delighted that Alva, with its unique approach, is helping organisations to tackle this important business issue.”

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