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The alva Intelligence Bulletin – July 2016

July saw alva use its content analytics to provide a number of companies with corporate intelligence, media measurement and reputation analysis, including

Corporate Analysis

Political analysis

Companies analysed include:

AbbvieBPMerck & Co.Sanofi
 AmgenEli LillyNovartisShell
 Astra ZenecaGileadPfizerTeva
 BoeingLockheed MartinRolls RoyceTuring


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Media Intelligence and Reputation Intelligence serve different purposes along a spectrum of tactical to strategic needs. What are the questions they are designed to answer? #MediaMonitoring #MediaIntelligence #ReputationIntelligence #SentimentAnalysis


Risk affects every business. As it can’t be avoided, it must be strategically managed. #ReputationRisk #ReputationIntelligence #ReputationManagemet


The current transformation in the banking industry represents both an opportunity and a challenge for today’s communication leaders. #Banking #ConnectingLeader #DigitalTransformation #ReputationIntelligence


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