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The alva Intelligence Bulletin – March 2016

March saw alva use its content analytics platform to help a number of companies answer their business questions. Among the issues analysed were:

With the referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU only a few months away, alva examined what a Brexit might mean for various industries.

As the majority of industry leaders have been vocally pro-remaining in the EU, our latest in-depth white paper looks at how they could optimise their statements in order to appeal to the voting public.

In contrast to this, the UK’s asset management industry has been more pro-Brexit, so we examined the companies driving the conversation as well as the media response.

Elsewhere, product recalls can generate high negativity so it is vital that companies get them right. We take a look at recent automotive recalls to understand what is the best way to communicate a recall.

Retail companies have also recently received negative coverage for their gender pricing policies. We analysed consumer response to see if this was a hot issue in the UK and US.

Companies analysed

[table th="0"]Aberdeen Asset Management,Airbus,Amazon,Ashmore Group

Babcock,BAE Systems,Boeing,Boots

Continental Automotive Systems,Dassault,Finmeccanica,General Dynamics

Henderson Group,Levi’s,Lockheed Martin,MBDA

NFL,Nissan,Northrop Grumman,Odey Asset Management

Radio Flyer,Raytheon,Rolls Royce,Thales

Toscafund Asset Management,Toyota,United Technologies,Walgreens

Winton Capital,Woodford Investment Management,.,.[/table]

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