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Introducing the alva Reputation Suite: disrupting the monitoring and analysis industry

  • alva launches game-changing content monitoring and analytics software to provide valuable reputation intelligence to global companies
  • alva Reputation suite disrupts traditional, segregated, inefficient and expensive media monitoring and analysis approaches
  • First time that all publicly-available content (print, broadcast, digital, social media, surveys and analyst reports) consolidated and consistently aggregated and analysed in one platform in real time, globally, 24/7

alva is proud to announce the launch of its new Reputation Suite – your complete reputation intelligence solution.

With reputation regularly reported as contributing up to 75% of an organisation’s market value, knowing what stakeholders think and feel has become a critical practice of any successful business.

Over the past 15 years, media and social media monitoring and analysis, as well as surveys and polls have all acted as limited proxies for reputation, providing incomplete and often expensive, contradictory views of a company’s reputation. With only fragmented, low quality reputation data previously available, companies and their executives have been poorly served by the market, often having to resort to instinct or intuition for critical reputational decisions.

These traditional approaches are even less compatible in today’s always-on, interconnected environment, characterised by vast amounts of publicly-available content.

alva is revolutionising this model. Our powerful content monitoring and analytics technology informs organisations what’s happening in real time, 24/7, so they can reduce reputation risk, leverage competitive advantage and increase stakeholder support.

As a pioneering London based technology company free from the burden of legacy systems, high headcount and ingrained behaviours, alva was founded in 2010 with a very clear mission: to help clients make better informed decisions based on genuine reputation intelligence, consolidating expensive, segregated, reactive services into one global platform.

Over the past five years, alva has developed proprietary technology to provide reputation intelligence through a blend of sophisticated, smart filtering technology coupled with human expertise. Working with 35% of the FTSE100, alva monitors and analyses millions of pieces of publicly available content per day to inform companies how they are perceived by their stakeholders.

alva monitors more than 80,000 news sources including print and broadcast outlets, three million blogs and forums and over 100 social media platforms, capturing and analysing millions of articles per day. We are uniquely positioned to track all Global 2000 companies and over 500 reputational issues across all these companies.

Alberto Lopez, CEO and Founder of alva says: “Organisations have multiple reputations amongst their stakeholders. Our reputation suite cuts out the noise and simplifies monitoring and analysis. Our data helps CEOs, Boards, Corporate Affairs, Communications and Risk directors stay informed on the reputation issues they know about and the ones they don’t. It is no longer possible for businesses to create and implement successful external strategies without data analytics they can interrogate and trust.”

alva’s reputation suite comprises three areas:

  • A customised online platform which allows you to monitor and track your reputation and competitors’ reputation in real-time, 24/7.alva live
  • Daily summaries and pulse alerts on the most critical and relevant issues that impact your organisation’s reputation.alva alerts
  • Bespoke reports measuring stakeholder, competitor and sector issues, to help you identify reputation risks and opportunities.alva insight

alva Reputation Suite


For further information please contact Alastair Pickering, CMO and Co-Founder, alva on 07590 763132 or

alva provides reputation intelligence; we monitor and analyse millions of pieces of publicly available content every day, to inform you how your business is perceived by your stakeholders. This allows you to measure and benchmark your reputation against your competitors, peers and KPIs. Our data helps your organisation protect against reputational risk, act on opportunities and increase stakeholder support as well as create value and implement positive change.

The company was founded in London in 2010 by Alberto Lopez, Alastair Pickering and Richard Fleming. All three passionately believe in data science applied to corporate reputation. Their experience from the worlds of analytics, technology and communications combined to create alva.

alva started with initial funding of £675,000 and was the first investment made from Cass Business school’s entrepreneurship fund. In 2015, alva secured additional £2.5 million of funding from Graftton Capital, and a successful part-realisation to Cass. Cass remains a minority shareholder in the company.

alva’s team is made up of product and software engineers, data analysts, sector experts, editors, marketing professionals and practitioners who have worked in the communications and reputation management industry. We are a truly international business and have people from more than 20 different countries working within the company.


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