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The alva Reputation Intelligence Bulletin – November 2015

Reputation risk once again dominated the business headlines in November. We analysed the reputational impact of a cybersecurity breach, as well as important issues facing the pharmaceutical, banking, insurance, mining, utilities and aviation sectors.

You can read a quick summary of our key news and analysis below:

Key reputation analysis

alva news

It has been an exciting period for alva as we officially launched our new Reputation Suite, featured in the new FT Podcast series on start-ups, and spoke at the IRM’s Risk Leaders 2015 event and Pinsent Masons’ event on protecting your corporate reputation in a digital world.

We also analysed the drivers of customer advocacy in the airline industry, which highlighted the opportunities for airlines to build strong consumer sentiment. Let us know if you’d be interested in finding out more about how Social Media Advocacy analysis could help your business.

Climate change has been an ongoing reputational issue for the aviation industry, but it is also emerging as a real concern for the mining sector, ranking as the 2nd biggest risk in our sector analysis. We investigated what this means for mining corporations.

If, as expected, this winter is very cold, the issue of Fuel Poverty will become increasingly visible. We analysed the key reputation risks and opportunities this creates for the utilities industry.

In November we’ve seen the positive impact that innovation can have on reputation in different sectors, with an analysis of R&D opportunities for pharmaceutical companies, as well as how insurers can take advantage of Fintech developments.

Finally, we’ve been tracking the rise of P2P lenders and the reputational risks and opportunities they present to the traditional banking sector.

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