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The first UK Corporate Reputation Index for the Utilities Sector

British Gas and npower are the first reputation winners and losers

Alva today announced the launch of the UK’s first Corporate Reputation Index for the Utilities sector.

Drawing on more than half a million data sources a day, the Index provides a real-time reputation tracking and scoring tool to publicly measure the standing of the Big 6 in the Utilities sector.

British Gas was the winner topping the Utilities sector Alva Reputational Index when it went live at 9am this morning. Propping up the bottom of the Corporate Reputation Index was npower due to ongoing issues with customer complaints across social media and criticism of its energy prices. The fastest risers and fallers over the past week were SSE (average weekly change +0.37%) and E.ON (average weekly change -0.43%) respectively, with the latter suffering from the uncertainty caused by the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan which has caused a three-month moratorium on its German nuclear power plants.

Updated every 24 hours, the Alva Reputation Index shows how the reputations of the major industry players are rising or falling based on the breaking issues of the day.

For the first time, the industry and consumers will be able to link company actions with the impact on their reputation.

The Energy sector Alva Reputation Index is being displayed at the Alva website at and carried on the industry’s leading magazine website at Utility Week.

“Today reputation analysis is a vital component of any corporate strategy,” said Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela, Alva Chief Executive. “Using our unique software engine and our expert analyst’s industry insight, we are able to monitor and advise our corporate customers in detail on their reputational standing and how to improve it. This Index provides companies, their regulators and customers with an almost real-time snapshot and the chance to see how reputations can be damaged or enhanced by their actions. Over the coming months, we will be rolling-out an Alva Reputation Index for each of the business sectors we work in.”

Janet Wood, Editor at Utility Week, commented: “The energy sector is in the midst of a period of immense change with pressures to upgrade infrastructure, find new alternative energy supplies and improve customer service. We recognised the value that this service could bring to our readers and were delighted to be the first to publish the Alva Reputational Index for the Energy sector on our website.”

How does the Alva Reputation Index work?
Alva’s reputation score represents the perception of various stakeholders and market segments at any given point in time. The scores are based on the daily analysis of over half a million news and financial announcements, trading and analyst reports, advertising analytics, surveys and social media content.

The scores are calculated using a proprietary algorithm incorporating a weighted average of sentiment and influence for all content sources. The computation of these variables provides a fractional reputation score of between 1-10 for each company in the sector and an industry average score to benchmark it against.

Alva’s categorisation engine analyses the data by Alva’s set of reputation drivers: Corporate Culture, Corporate Leadership, Financial Performance, Products & Services and Social Performance.

This information is then updated on the Alva Index table every 24 hours, providing a graphical league table of the reputations of the key industry players.

About Alva
Alva specialises in analysing corporate reputation and reputational risk. Its services equip organisations with the analysis tools to manage reputation and reputational risk in the same way as any other valuable business asset. Alva’s founding team brings more than 50 years experience in media intelligence, business analysis and technology innovation.

Alva analyses more than half a million sources of data every day to provide a near real-time reputation tracking and scoring tool. This enables enterprises to track their reputation and those of their competitors, sectors and territories on a daily basis. The analysis covers a number of reputation drivers, including driver constituent scoring, enterprise scoring, reputation trending and aggregate scoring comparisons with other organisations. For further information please go to

Contact details
For further information please contact Marketing and Communications Executive Marita Rossi on 020 3102 9645 or

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