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How should Sports Sponsorship effectiveness be measured? A Rio Olympics Case Study

Lavish sporting spectacles such as the Olympics, attract millions of viewers worldwide and generate enormous revenues from businesses looking to associate their brands with the events and athletes through sponsorship deals

Total global sponsorship spend continues to rise, with $60.2bn predicted to be spent in 2016, the highest year on record.

While the expenditure shows no sign of abating, studies continue to disagree over the actual value and returns of investment in sports sponsorship.

Our latest report examines how companies can get a better understanding of the true value of sports sponsorship, covering

  • What are the measures currently used to assess the effectiveness of sports sponsorship?
  • How could these be improved upon to link better with the objectives of sports sponsorship?
  • Which companies gained the greatest returns from the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics?

Download the full report to understand how the global Olympics sponsors performed for Visibility, Likability and Advocacy

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