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Why Corporate Affairs should lead on corporate strategy development

This white paper explains why the Corporate Affairs team is perfectly placed to take a key strategic leadership role in the business.

With the democratisation of information fuelled by technological change, businesses are more accountable to their stakeholders than ever before. Enlightened organisations have understood this evolution as an opportunity to reorient away from a short-termist, shareholder-centric focus, to a more sustainable, longer-term, multi-stakeholder approach. Not all companies have been able to take this step.

At the heart of adapting to the new environment is embedding the right leadership, culture and intelligence to work with these stakeholders. In this white paper, we argue that no other role today is better equipped to lead on delivering these three interconnected components than the Corporate Affairs department.

In this period of change and challenge, Corporate Affairs leaders will increasingly be called upon to bring the “outside perspective” to corporate strategy development and to navigate the complex and competing priorities of different stakeholders.

Download this paper to find out how this is an enormous opportunity for Corporate Affairs to step up to the challenges presented by the new environment and to take their place at the helm of the organisation.

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