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Real Time

What is
Real Time

What is happening, right now?

The transparent, complex way in which stakeholders communicate now is both powerful and delicate. Bad news travels faster than ever and once it’s out, it’s accessible by almost anyone.

You need to have the ability to understand what is happening to respond in real-time. Protecting the company’s relationships with key stakeholders has never been more crucial.

Stay on top of your issues by accessing all the information that matters in real-time.
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So how does
Real Time
Intelligence work?

What you need to know, right now.

Whether it’s keeping abreast of a fast-moving issue, running snapshot analytics to optimise your latest campaign or simply staying on top of the morning’s news, speed, relevance and flexibility are pre-requisites of any intelligence service.

alva’s industry-leading blended AI and NLP technologies deliver the fastest, most flexible and accurate intelligence to give you the control you need.

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