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We blend our monitoring, insight and analysis offering to provide the customised intelligence that our clients need.


Access all the analysis you need

alva Live is our real-time, 24/7, self-service Connected Intelligence platform

Stay in control and monitor your campaigns, track the key issues and manage crises in real time

Monitor your content with real-time access to all of the content that matters from millions of global sources.

With alva Live you can:

  • Monitor your entities in real time
  • Access competitor and sector intelligence
  • Identify issues as these emerge
  • Create coverage clippings books
  • Link analysis to internal KPIs


Stay on top of what really matters

alva Alerts is a curated or automated monitoring service delivered across all mail clients and mobile devices

It combines alva’s powerful AI technology with our experienced in-market editorial team to curate the morning news digest.

alva Alerts – the stories you need, when you need them.

alva’s Unique blend of cutting edge AI technology and vastly experienced, sector-specialist editors deliver bespoke, board-ready news digests.

Automated Alerts

alva’s automated alerts delivers at an affordable price the stories that matter to you when you need them:

The fastest alerting service available on the market

All media types (print, online, broadcast and social media) summarised

Choose your frequency - daily or real-time

Key influencer tracking

AI-powered noise filtering and story grouping

Premium Alerts

alva’s Premium alerts deliver daily news digest curated by sector experts to ensure accuracy and relevance:

All media types (print, online, broadcast and social media) summarised

AI-powered noise filtering and story grouping

Alerts tailored to the interests of each recipient or department

Unlimited keywords, companies, issues and recipients

Customised formatting to suit your in-house style


Understand the who, what & why and how it affects your business.

alva Insight is an intelligence service that gives you the answer to your tactical, analytical and strategic questions

With alva Insight you can:

Apply a retrospective, real time or predictive lens to your analysis

Examine multiple sources across multiple regions and languages

Understand the issues affecting your company’s reputation

Present visually simple and elegant reports at executive level

Gain influence to support the right initiatives with compelling intelligence

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