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Strategy Intelligence

How will you impact tomorrow?

Based on billions of data points Strategy Intelligence allows companies to model different scenarios and outcomes to answer the strategic questions.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Abraham Lincoln


Horizon Scanning

Topic modelling in combination with other statistical techniques enables the surfacing of evolving thematic drivers in relation to specific stakeholders and audiences.

This type of horizon scanning helps gain an understanding of the issues that drive the agenda—not just policy and legislative changes but also demographic trends that are likely to influence government decisions both in the short and long terms.


Scenario Modelling

Tapping into a wide range of scenarios helps inform best practice and gain greater control of the outcomes. If you suffer a cyber security vulnerability, should you report it? If so, how soon after the event? What language should be used? Is an executive presence required?

There is data to support every decision for almost any scenario to ensure that gut instinct is supported by real evidence and the optimum decisions are made.



More than ever companies are looking for differentiation and relevance. By analysing a broad range of data at a highly granular level businesses can home in on the unmet needs of these groups and find genuine whitespace.

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