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Real-time media monitoring software

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alva Live is your stakeholder intelligence platform – telling you what’s being said about your company, brands, sector, products and people – and whether it matters.

Live is an award-winning analytics powerhouse, pre-configured to automatically surface the major trends shaping your media landscape.

With unparalleled speed, accuracy and reach, alva Live gives you the intelligence you need, when you need it.


Unparalleled data across millions of global sources

Access the widest range of sources available covering print, online, TV and radio, plus social media platforms, as well as premium titles such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Barron’s and many more.

Our content covers 200+ countries and 100+ languages with a range of translation options available. We provide up to 3 years of historical data available for any company, topic, person, products or brand.


Monitor your company, products, people and brands in real time

Thanks to our award-winning blended AI and NLP technologies, you can find relevant mentions of your brand across all earned media sources enabling you to make informed decisions.

alva Live clients can set up a near unlimited range of real-time automated alerts on practically any topic, meaning you can keep abreast of you latest news stories as they happen.


Take control of your public perception

Consolidate all content into one place, saving money and time managing multiple suppliers

Stay on top of your media coverage rather than spending time and money outsourcing it to a supplier.

Set up your alerts and dashboards to tell you when something important is happening – don’t spend hours seeking it out

Add in new companies, brands, issues as they arise and when you need them at no extra cost. Spot issues before they become risks and opportunities before they become congested.


Identify issues as they emerge

Whether it’s tracking a fast-moving issue, running snapshot analytics to optimise your latest campaign or simply staying on top of the morning’s news, we believe that speed, relevance and flexibility are pre-requisites of any modern intelligence service.

Our clients run ad hoc research and comparative snapshots that inform campaign plans, product launches and crisis responses, as well as being an easy way to provide benchmark analytics to the business.

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Intuitive, flexible design

Our pre-configured, intuitive dashboards built from alva’s 10+ years of media intelligence expertise will save you time by automatically surfacing the most impactful media insights from our millions of data sources. As part of our standard solution, alva offers full access to over 6,000 pre-defined companies and 2,000+ topics across 200 countries across all sectors and geographies.

Cutting edge reputation management

Whether you’re interested in analysing your brand awareness, benchmarking your corporate reputation, or reviewing how news sources have covered your latest announcement, our award-winning sentiment analytics gives you the instant read on where you stand with your audiences. Communicators and PR pros use Live to create their own bespoke media analysis dashboards tracking volume, share of voice, sentiment, key message penetration, performance over time, source ranking, spokesperson penetration and whole host of other measures.

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Many of the world’s leading businesses trust us to help them ask better questions and act on the right answers.

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