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Your content delivered in real-time, via a 24/7 online system monitoring millions of global sources.

Monitor your content with real-time access to all of the content that matters from millions of global sources.

alva live is a 24/7 online system which enables you to monitor your content, benchmark against your peer-group and track sentiment across multiple source types.


Monitor your company, products, people and brands in real time

Thanks to our industry-leading blended AI and NLP technologies, clients are able to access what is being said about them across print, online, broadcast and social media in any geography via access to our 24/7 online platform.

On top of this, our clients can set up a near unlimited range of real-time automated alerts on practically any topic, meaning they can keep abreast of their latest news stories as they happen. With unparalleled speed, accuracy and reach, the alva Live gives you what you need, when you need it.


Access competitor and sector intelligence

Understanding the changing dynamics in the competitive landscape is an increasingly source of company differentiation and risk prevention. As part of our standard solution, alva offers full access to 1,000s of tracked companies and issues across all sectors and geographies. This empowers our clients to run ad hoc research and comparative snapshots that inform campaign plans, product launches and crisis responses, as well as being an easy way to provide benchmark analytics to the business.


Identify issues as they emerge

Whether it’s keeping the executive abreast of a fast-moving issue, running snapshot analytics to optimise your latest campaign or simply staying on top of the morning’s news, we believe that speed, relevance and flexibility are pre-requisites of any modern intelligence service. With our advanced issues tracking capability, the alva Live will alert you to shifts in conversation on key topics, while highlighting increases in potentially negative topics, giving you time to help put out the fires.


Create coverage reports

Whether staying on top of proactive initiatives or managing reactive issues, snapshot analytics are required to both test and learn responses, as well as keeping internal stakeholders up to speed on impactful developments.

alva clients are able to configure their own bespoke analytics dashboards tracking volume, share of voice, sentiment, key message penetration, performance over time, source ranking, spokesperson penetration and whole host of other measures, for practically any company and any issue across all sources and geographies. Each graph and all data is updated in real-time and exportable to share with colleagues in internal briefings.

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