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Social networks and the digitalisation of the media have given stakeholders and activists a voice and ubiquitous sharing platforms. Never before has the business world been under so much pressure to tackle society’s most intractable problems.

In response, the most progressive businesses are increasingly adopting a more inclusive approach – Stakeholder Capitalism. To win in the new stakeholder-centric environment, leaders need rich intelligence covering a broad range of stakeholders, sources, regions and issues.

Stakeholder Intelligence that surfaces the issues that matter most to reduce their impact.


Our Technology

We are built on advanced technology that enables the richest and most accurate intelligence.

  • Award-winning and industry-leading Natural Language Processing honed over 10 years of data analysis with feedback from sector-expert analysts driving refinements.
  • The most comprehensive set of publicly available data sources across over 25 million pieces of content monitored and scored every day using NLP models.
  • Content in over 100 languages and more than 150 countries is sourced from over 500,000 different individual publications, covering print media, online (including paywalled), radio and TV, Twitter, Facebook, analyst ratings.
  • Fastest real-time data monitoring and dashboards to surface relevant company and topic mentions from the 25 million data sources.
  • Proprietary deep learning models build a representation of whole sentences based on structure. Machine Learning based Topic Modelling identifies key phrases which frequently appear in conjunction with clients or their sectors to organically surface previously unknown issues.

Our Sector Expertise

We are specialised through our sector experts that understand the unique issues of each sector.

  • There’s no substitute to human judgement, that’s why we combine the processing power of technology with the contextual experience of sector experts.
  • Our consultants apply industry understanding to interpret findings, tailor analytics intimately to clients’ needs.
  • We work as an extension of our clients’ internal teams, building long-term relationships and providing consulting input and recommendations on everything from stakeholder engagement plans to digital strategy metrics.
  • We have decades of experience on integrating our data sets with internal KPIs and connecting findings to specific actions.
  • The knowledge and insights of our sector experts are trusted and regularly sourced by media outlets such as Bloomberg, the BBC and The Economist.
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Stakeholders and issues

We deliver an integrated solution to cover tactical, analytical and strategic needs across the full breadth of an organisation’s stakeholders and issues.

  • More than ever, the success of any business is highly dependent on the support or antagonism from a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Intelligence is critical to understand the level of power, legitimacy and urgency that each stakeholder has in the business.
  • From customers to investors, regulators to employees, the media to NGOs, alva’s Stakeholder Intelligence gives up-to-the minute performance data on what stakeholders think about a company, its executives, products, actions, words.
  • It equips business leaders to make engagement decisions based on a complete picture of stakeholder health, risks and opportunities.
  • We deliver Stakeholder Intelligence solutions to Communications, Corporate Affairs, Sustainability, Risk and Board leaders at the largest companies in the world.

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