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Media Intelligence

What is Media Intelligence?

Media Intelligence is business intelligence for your media universe.

It is the practice of monitoring and analysing your media profile to understand how your earned media presence is contributing to the achievement of your communications strategies. This category encapsulates numerous disciplines including media monitoring, media analysis, social listening and social media intelligence.

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What can Media
do for
your business?

Organisations that effectively harness media intelligence understand, in real time, exactly what is being said about them, their competitors and their industry issues across all of media channels from print to broadcast to social media. They understand the impact of their communications activities, what level of visibility they have with target audiences, the share of meaningful conversation being absorbed by that target as well as the sentiment that is generated by their efforts.

What gets measured can get improved – by using media intelligence forward-thinking, data-driven organisations can optimise every communication they put out, tailoring it to the required audience and putting their message front and centre in the desired space.



alva's Media Intelligence

Our media intelligence is designed to provide digestible monitoring and analysis to help you better understand and respond to your audiences and quantify the impact of your communication strategies. It provides the complete integrated PR solution for communications professionals.

Our clients navigate their specific media landscape from the macro to the micro with alva’s self-service platform, real-time media monitoring service and campaign or media analysis reports, all the while benefitting from our unlimited scope, flexible brief management and always-on approach to client services.


alva Live
Stay on top of
impactful coverage

alva Live is our 24/7 real-time, integrated monitoring and analytics platform which enables you to track your media and social media coverage with real-time access to all of the content that matters from millions of global sources. Harnessing alva’s industry-leading monitoring technology, alva: Live equips you with access to all your content in one place, combining the best of traditional and social media monitoring platforms.

Individual users can configure their own customised dashboards, tracking any one of thousands of pre-defined companies, people, brands and topics, while activating bespoke real-time alerts on different content configurations. Our intuitive, beautiful chart builder enables benchmarking against your peer-group, detailed sentiment tracking, as well as share of voice and key message analyses across multiple source types.


alva Monitor
The stories that matter
when you need them

alva Monitor is a curated and automated media monitoring service covering all sources, from traditional, print and online media, to social networks as well as television and radio broadcasts. It combines alva’s powerful AI technology with our experienced in-market editorial team to curate and validate the most impactful stories, keeping you abreast of your coverage, but also wider market intelligence.

The alva: Monitor intelligence solution is delivered 7 days a week and is trusted by the boards and executives of dozens of FTSE100 and Fortune 500 businesses as the first thing they read each morning, while our hands-on, concierge model to client services mean we’re in regular contact with our clients to help keep the monitoring service relevant, agile and sensitive to internal nuances.


alva Metrics
Measure the impact of
your communications

alva Metrics is a media analysis and evaluation solution covering all media channels – traditional, online, social, broadcast – to provide a true 360-degree view of how your company is being represented by the media, what’s working and what isn’t. alva Metrics combines the consistency and enormous throughput of our technology to ensure more reliable trend data with the contextualisation and qualitative skills of our sector analysts to tell the story of the analysis and answer the all-important “so what” question.

alva Metrics offers the big picture on how effective your communications are, by revealing share of voice, the sentiments evoked, and your position in the media landscape relative to competitors. It surfaces new opportunities to enhance the impact of any campaign by detailing how it could be better targeted, based on detailed understanding of the impact of key messages and spokespeople as well as the types of outlets amplifying your messaging.

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