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Reputation Intelligence

Know where you stand

To achieve the business goals, businesses must first understand where they stand. What do different stakeholders really think and feel about your organisation? Where do you face reputational risks and opportunities? How do you benchmark against the competition? This is Reputation Intelligence.


Your Reputation Index

Our industry-leading blended AI and NLP technologies automatically assess and score the reputations of over 2,000 companies across 100 sectors in real-time.

This wealth of scored data creates the alva sector reputation indices which have become the most accurate measure of companies’ and sectors’ reputations.


Comprehensive Data Sources

alva’s Reputation Intelligence holds a mirror up to your organisation by mining over 3.5 million global sources across 96 languages every single day.

Our analysis incorporates all print, online, broadcast, social media, analyst notes and parliamentary records to give the richest understanding of shifting stakeholder perceptions of your business and your competitors’.


Risks & Opportunities

By combining advanced topic modelling techniques with many years of historic scenario data, we are able to automatically surface emerging reputational risks and opportunities before they become established.

We rapidly identify new antagonists and advocates while alerting our clients when historic risk or opportunity thresholds are breached.


Link to KPIs

As well as tracking movements in the alva Reputation indices, our clients can model how decisions and actions have created value for the business through the correlation with third-party data, including sales, churn, share price and good will.

This allows the business to understand how changes in stakeholder perception are genuinely affecting the value the business creates.

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