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British Airways: The alva Reputation Case Study

It has been a challenging few years for British Airways on a number of fronts. Once a regular member of the Most Admired Companies list, the firm has not troubled the rankings for many years now and its profile seems to largely be defined by mishaps and operational issues. We analyse British Airways’ reputation in this case study.

A reputation in decline

In many ways, the company is facing an identity crisis – since the merger with Iberia the company has seemingly been in limbo; still retaining the trappings and external presentation of a premium airline with national carrier status while internally focused on cost cutting and efficiencies.

Seen through the reputational prism, British Airways’ challenges are a classic case of the balancing of competing stakeholder priorities, in this instance: Shareholders, Passengers, Employees, Unions and Regulators. This delicate balancing act is one that all large, organisations must undertake, but as we shall see in this case study, there is ample evidence to suggest that British Airways has not managed to achieve the right balance.

If you want to follow reading, you can donwload British Airways reputation Case Study.