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CEO Reputation vs. Corporate Reputation

Examining how Communications professionals can best align the profile of their CEO with the wider corporate reputation

This white paper analyses the relationship between the profile of a company’s CEO and its corporate reputation, to understand how Communications professionals can best align the two.

Since the financial crash, trust in big-business has significantly eroded, so there has been an increased need for CEOs to be seen to be leading from the front.

Uber and its CEO have had a difficult 2017, so we examine this dynamic and compare it with other leading companies, including Amazon, Apple, Tesla and Virgin Group.

The findings enable Corporate Affairs and Communications professionals to better understand:

  • How CEO profile affects reputation
  • How to best position these two distinct profiles
  • How to check if the dynamic is healthy within their corporation
  • How to measure if they are best aligned to achieve success
  • How they can position the CEO to mitigate corporate issues

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