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Cosmetics Sector: Reputation Trends in 2021

alva’s latest analysis reveals the impact of the pandemic on the cosmetics industry

Through the lens of 16 cosmetics companies, alva has examined 3 million+ press, media analysis and social media data points to reveal how sentiment trends have shifted across this sector, and identified reputational issues for cosmetics companies that have emerged from the pandemic.

Key findings of the report are:

  • Health and safety is single-handedly driving ESG to become one of the leading areas of influence on cosmetics firms’ reputations. We may be seeing a major shift in pandemic-impacted consumer attitudes towards the products they put in – and on – their bodies.
  • The leading household names in Cosmetics – P&G and Unilever – are being impacted by negative discussions around their environmental impact. However, other brands are seeing a reputational uplift from their environmental credentials – suggesting that the environment represents an opportunity for challengers to differentiate from the major firms by showing they care.
  • Positive discussions about cosmetics products are now being driven by the shift towards innovation forced by the pandemic. Brands have been forced to innovate to reach customers and reduce costs with high-speed automation and other developments – and such innovations have received positive reviews across many stakeholder groups.

Download the full report here.