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Executive Pay: Understanding the Reputational Risks and Privacy Risks

With the media spotlight once more turning to the controversial issue of Executive Pay, we have partnered with a leading international reputation and privacy consultancy to update and expand our 2016 white paper on board-room remuneration. 

The report is designed as a practical, evidence-backed guide to assessing your company’s exposure to the reputational issues arising from executive pay. 

This white paper helps you understand:

  • The key factors that result in specific companies or executives being the target of a media campaign on executive pay
  • How to identify if you have been targeted during the early stages
  • How you can proactively plan ahead to mitigate potential risks
  • The actions that companies should be taking on executive pay throughout the year

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If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you prepare for and measure the impact of your communications efforts around executive pay announcements, please contact us today:

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