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Hydrogen Industry Rankings – The Top 50 Companies

alva’s analysis reveals the top companies winning in the hydrogen discussion

alva’s analysis has surfaced the 50 most visible companies in the hydrogen discussion and compared their performance on stakeholder sentiment. Companies range from hydrogen producers and broader energy companies, through to manufacturers using hydrogen to make processes more sustainable, and clean energy investors.

Key findings of the report are:

  • Almost all 50 companies generate strong sentiment scores in the discussion of hydrogen, and innovation is particularly impactful across the sector. Doosan leads thanks to strong innovation performance. FiveT Hydrogen and Air Products also emerge as leaders, with higher than average visibility and sentiment.
  • Whilst innovation stories boost sentiment for leaders, high visibility is generated for companies engaging in partnerships, particularly where there is an energy security angle. Scores for National Grid and Siemens both benefit from high visibility and high sentiment scores around partnerships and hydrogen projects, marking them out as leaders in the sector.
  • Whilst hydrogen has been discussed as an alternative green energy for some time, the Russo-Ukrainian war has helped to amplify interest. A new urgency around energy security has brought conversation to the fore, with hydrogen discussed as an alternative to fossil fuels.

Download the full report here.