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Integrated Metrics: Driving Business KPIs

This white paper explains how your business can use integrated metrics to drive the board’s main business KPIs

In recent years, the huge amount of digital media and communications have placed a significant strain on the Insight and Research function by providing a voice to a wide range of stakeholder groups, while also blurring the boundaries between the traditional key stakeholder demographics.

Primary Research was once the reliable method for Insight teams to assess customer satisfaction, brand health, advocacy, etc. However, with significant limitations around small sample sizes and gaps between surveys, we are increasingly seeing unexpected outcomes like the UK’s Brexit decision or the earlier General Election results.

However, if the masses of diverse metrics can be effectively collected, measured and integrated with other data points, this presents a great opportunity for the Insight team.

Our Integrated Metrics approach links developments in media and social media to genuine changes in stakeholder attitudes, which in turn enables the business to answer the perennial challenge of how different activities and decisions impact the bottom line.

Our new white paper explains:

  • What is meant by integrated metrics and how it works
  • How and why we link primary research and media/social media sentiment
  • The successes that some of our clients in the financial services sector have had with integrated metrics

Download our Integrated Metrics white paper using the form on the right.