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Quarterly Results: What Communications can and cannot control

The quarterly results announcement is one of the most scrutinised events in a firm’s annual calendar and typically involves a substantial investment of time, resource and coordination from the Communications and Investor Relations teams.

But how much impact does Communications have on how the announcement is perceived both by media, analysts and the broader commentariat online and the investment community itself? Do the results simply speak for themselves, or is there an art to the way in which the communications are handled?

Can data analytics provide evidence for the optimal ways to manage the announcement of different results scenarios and can this be used to more effectively plan and manage these communications?

alva, in collaboration with a leading financial services company, set out to answer these questions through the analysis of 400,000 pieces of content from publicly-available sources, including print, online and social media as well as radio and television transcripts, analyst notes and publicly-available polls and surveys.

In this white paper, we analyse the following three elements:

  • How does the media report on and affect financial results announcements?
  • Does media reporting on results announcements affect stock price?
  • What can and can’t Communications control when the quarterly results are announced?


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