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Whose reputation is most negatively affected by the gas price crisis?

alva’s latest analysis provides an updated overview of the reputational impact of the gas price crisis in the United Kingdom.

The report, based on analysis of media and social media data, looks at the key stakeholders leading this discussion, the impact the crisis has had on the reputation of utility companies, and the most impactful issues.

Key findings of the report are:

  • All of the main actors in the gas price crisis – the Government, regulators, the energy industry, and Russia – have seen their reputations impacted by negative sentiment
  • The blame game: the share of blame is circular as regulators and the UK government blame energy companies for lacking resilience, while energy companies blame regulators and the government for not doing enough to pre-empt the gas crisis and protect customers
  • For the energy providers operating in this ever-shifting landscape, reputation is closely linked to treatment of customers

Download the full report here.