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About us

Our model

Our model combines Technology, Methodologies and sector Insight Analysts to provide the right intelligence solution for our clients. 

Our Technology is purposely designed to monitor and analyse millions of pieces of content through many different lenses, such as companies, products, issues, stakeholders, influencers, media types and financial results.

Our Methodology allows us to extract the insight required to answer the specific business questions that our clients face.

Our Insight Analysts are trained to interpret the findings of our analysis, flag the issues that require most attention and link the insight to the client’s internal KPIs.

Step 1: Content collation

Our proprietary technology aggregates all publicly-available content including traditional media (print, broadcast, online and subscription sources), social media (Twitter, blogs, forums and social networks), surveys and analyst reports, in real time, globally, 24/7.

Step 2: Categorisation

The content is categorised by company, sector, region, issue and brand silo. This is based on language pattern matching of the content.

Step 3: Scoring

Our scoring is designed to automatically process two key parameters, the Amplification of a particular entity/issue/theme/article and the implied Sentiment of that entity/issue/theme/article.

The Amplification is calculated by combining the source Influence weighting, the prominence (how often is the Customer mentioned) and the relevance of the mention (is the Customer the only company mentioned or are there others).

Sentiment is carried out on each piece of content at a sentence level, based on the strength of sentiment in the proximity of the entity being analysed.

Step 4: Contextualisation

Our Insight Analysts work closely with our clients to understand how the Insight is to be used and which decisions need to be taken from it. The Insight Analysts interpret the findings, flagging risks and opportunities and action areas. The analysis is linked and correlated to internal KPIs to support decision-making.

Step 5: Decision making

Using our vast sector knowledge, we help companies make decisions based on simple, actionable intelligence, not intuition.