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alva launches ESG Intelligence solution

  • alva launches ESG Intelligence amid sustainability and ethical business focus
  • ESG an increasingly scrutinised part of corporate life, post-Covid and Black Lives Matter
  • New solution ends reliance on self-disclosure in favour of objective, reliable scoring

alva, the Connected Intelligence company, has launched its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) solution, ESG Intelligence, providing unparalleled insights for companies grappling with the new post-Covid dynamics of stakeholder capitalism.

Sustainability and ethical issues have never had a greater impact on corporations – thanks to Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter creating a chaotic environment for businesses, alongside longstanding concerns around everything from palm oil and carbon footprints to workers’ rights and executive pay.

By proactively monitoring their ESG profile, companies can quickly identify emerging risks before they become material, while also capitalising on their own positions around specific issues in which they may be seen to be a leader.

Through the daily analysis of millions of pieces of print, online, broadcast and social media content – including regulatory disclosures and NGO communications – using the market-leading alva ESG score™, alva provides real-time benchmarking of over 2,000 companies’ ESG scores, all indexed against the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standard taxonomy.

ESG performance is a growing element of consideration in company valuations, but performance is generally based on voluntary company self-disclosure and mandatory company disclosures – such as with schemes including the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The new alva solution provides objective, reliable scoring to assess how different stakeholders perceive a company’s ESG credentials.

alva’s new service will initially be focused on in-depth analysis reporting, with an intention that the proposition will grow into a full suite of reports, newsletters, platforms and a real-time reporting platform in the coming months.

Alberto Lopez Valenzuela, Founder and CEO, alva, said:

“Events over the past 18 months – be they the corporate response to Covid, the climate change agenda, or the Black Lives Matter movement – have only served to reinforce the need for companies to adapt to the new dynamics of stakeholder capitalism. Since founding alva, our ambition has been to provide intelligence that drives economic and societal value. ESG Intelligence is a natural articulation of our founding philosophy.

“The appetite for ESG intelligence is in a very similar place to where reputation was 10 years ago – the concept is valued and broadly understood, but its link to tangible outcomes is often lacking, meaning its full potential is undermined. But things are changing – BP’s decision to write down its assets by up to $17.5bn as it seeks to reduce carbon emissions is just one sign that companies are now realising that they need to start walking the walk. What blue chip firms and ESG investors alike need is a robust, transparent and comprehensive approach to measuring and reporting on ESG.”

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