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Media Monitoring

Media monitoring in many ways is the lifeblood of Communications, helping businesses of all sizes understand what’s being said about them, by whom and to what effect. With the advent of Artificial Intelligence technologies, media monitoring’s scope and potential has vastly increased. We’ve assembled the comprehensive guide to media monitoring, what it is, how it works and how much you should be paying for it.

Media Monitoring

An Introduction to Media monitoring

1. The complete guide to media monitoring

Everything you need to know about media monitoring, and how it can help you boost your reputation, avert crisis, and outstrip the competition.

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2. Media monitoring best practice: 5 key considerations

Media monitoring has a bad reputation for being expensive, fragmented, inaccurate and slow. But armed with the right questions and knowledge, companies can ensure they get the most value out of their monitoring service.

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3. What is media monitoring, and why do you need it?

Media monitoring is a tool to measure communications and marketing strategies, track target audiences, and glean the sentiment around your brand – and a great deal more. Here are five reasons why you need media monitoring as part of your communications strategy.

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4. Media monitoring in crisis communications

A crisis communications plan can be the difference between a few days of negative reporting before the news cycle rolls on, and significant, lasting damage to the brand – and your bottom line. In crisis management, one of the most powerful tools at PR professionals’ disposal is media monitoring.

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5. The 7 things to look for in your media monitoring solution

If your media monitoring solution encompasses these seven elements, then it’s worth the investment. If not, it’s time to upgrade.

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6. Make your media monitoring flexible

While media monitoring contracts are often set up to run for 12 months it is rare for the client’s monitoring requirements to remain the same over this period. A great media monitoring service is one that embraces these changes and is set up to iterate in line with the naturally evolving needs of the client.

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7. Media Monitoring Best Practice: 5 key considerations

While the vast majority of Communications teams in small, medium and large organisations across the world will have some form of media monitoring in place, their actual customer experience is often poor. The service has variously attracted a bad reputation for being expensive, fragmented, inaccurate and slow. A lot of the reason for this frustration...
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8. How does media monitoring work?

Today’s technologically advanced media monitoring solutions can play a central role in creating effective PR campaigns and protecting your brand. So how does media monitoring work, and what should you look for in a media monitoring tool?

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