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Media Monitoring: Customising monitoring for different business needs

It is important for numerous different job functions to receive brand insights and be aware of what is being said about their company and its rivals. However, the frequency, timing and content of the messages they require will differ by function and seniority.

Historically, it was the Communications team’s responsibility to split up and re-send different parts of the media monitoring and press clippings across the business. This was often a time-consuming and inefficient task for an already stretched department.

Better content filtering now enables greater customisation of media monitoring at a department and even a user level. This means that one system can often provide the media measurement the company requires, while also freeing up time for the Communications team to derive more strategic business insights from the data.

A common request we receive at alva is for the Communications team to receive all significant media analysis as it happens in real-time, alongside a comprehensive morning round-up. Senior management will often receive a highlights pack, while the wider business may consume its news via the intranet or a weekly round-up.

Customisation is important for each type of delivery, often focusing on a specific source type, topic area, sentiment and many other permutations. The key is designing the most effective and efficient way for each department to digest just the information it needs. These deliveries can be then reviewed and easily tailored to find the perfect balance for each role.

While the Communications team needs to retain oversight and ownership of the company’s media monitoring, this is a great way of empowering the rest of the business to take control of its media measurment needs. Over time, we’ve seen this approach reduce the burden placed on the Communications team to manually provide this service.

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We also have a free white paper on best practices for media monitoring available here

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