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alva speaks at the Pinsent Masons event “Protecting your corporate reputation in a digital world”

In early October, alva presented at the first of the Pinsent Masons 2015 Out-Law Autumn Seminar Series.

This year’s topic was “Protecting your corporate reputation in a digital world”, with a focus on the legal leverage organisations may have when faced with a reputational crisis; whether, when and how to use that leverage; and how a combined legal and PR strategy can help you take control of the narrative.

Alberto Lopez-Valenzuela, alva’s Founder and CEO, explained to the audience the importance of reputation intelligence in identifying and measuring reputational risk.


Effective boards know that reputation is central to success: a survey of executives recently rated reputational risk as more important than any other strategic risk.

Research carried out by Pinsent Masons and Out-Law on how FTSE 100 companies are discussing ‘corporate reputation’ in their most recent annual reports, shows that every company mentions it, with the key challenge identified as the instantaneous nature of interactions.

Protecting Corporate Reputation in a Digital World Infographic

In the modern digital world, many companies have viewed social media purely as a marketing tool, but they are realising that it is a two-way platform, and it needs to be closely monitored and analysed in order to protect corporate reputation.

The event also featured stats from our recent investigation into the affect VW’s emissions scandal had on consumers.

Pinsent Masons’s Out-Law Autumn Series investigates the legal options available to your organisation when faced with a potential online threat to reputation.

Find out more about Pinsent Masons Reputation Management service.

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