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The alva Reputation Intelligence Bulletin – January 2016

Key reputation analysis

At the start of 2016 we looked back at the most popular reputation analysis from the previous year, including white-papers and reports focusing on issues such as the VW emissions scandal, cybersecurity breaches and Thomas cook’s reputational crisis. You can read the most popular articles from January below:

alva news

As we enter our 7th year we’re excited to announce new offices in both New York and London. Our New York office is based in the busy Wall St district and enables us to have a local presence and build closer relationships with our growing north American clients.

Our rapid global growth – we now work with 35% of the FTSE 100 – also means that we have relocated to larger offices in London, allowing us to expand our team and continue to develop our market leading products and services.

Find our London and New York offices

We also have an exciting announcement coming later this month regarding what we believe to be our smarter approach to media monitoring. This is designed to help communications professionals manage the huge volumes of content about their company by filtering the noise to focus on what matters. More to come on this shortly.

Latest reputation analysis

Our most recent research focused on pharmaceuticals, investigating the reputational risks associated with clinical trial transparency in the public sphere. Ben Goldacre is a leading campaigner for transparency, writing several books on “bad pharma” and co-heading the AllTrials campaign. We analysed the coverage this campaign had received to understand if current and potential patients concerned about clinical trial transparency could cause reputational damage to the pharma sector.

The oil and gas sector has been hit with numerous challenges in recent years, both operationally and reputationally. As climate change becomes an increasingly sensitive issue, wider stakeholder perceptions of the oil and gas sector have never been more important. Our short case study of Shell’s decision to exit the arctic investigates if this could be a blueprint for others to improve reputation around environmental issues.

Finally, we looked at the largest disrupter in the hospitality industry. Traditional hotel chains had historically insisted that Airbnb was not a direct competitor, but as it become more of a household name, we reviewed the data to see if public perceptions were changing.

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