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Disrupting Cobalt’s Supply Chain: A Communications Opportunity for Apple

Published the 28 March, 2018
Cobalt mining and Apple

As the adoption of lithium-ion batteries in consumer electronics and electric vehicles continues to accelerate, Communications professionals are faced with a new stakeholder to manage. The big-players are now engaging directly with miners and consequently disrupting long-standing traditional supply chains. This piece examines the potential benefits these companies can leverage for their reputation and social […]

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Mining Indaba 2017: How have the key issues progressed since the event?

Published the 30 August, 2017
Mining Indaba 2017 infographic

Earlier this year, alva reviewed all discussions relating to Mining Indaba 2017. Our analysis looked at the key issues being discussed and identified the greatest risks and opportunities to corporate reputation in the mining sector. You can view an infographic of the findings below, but three of the main issues to come to the fore were indigenous […]

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Mining Indaba 2017 Review: Which mining companies had the biggest impact?

Published the 09 March, 2017
Mining Indaba 2017 review

Mining Indaba brings together the key players within the mining industry. It provides a forum for business leaders, industry experts and members of political organisations from across the world to share their experiences over the past 12 months, as well as look ahead to the challenges and reputation opportunities they believe will shape mining in […]

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Oil and Gas restructuring: Top 3 performers

Published the 07 July, 2016

Over the past months, we have seen an increase in the influence of oil and gas restructuring and cost cutting measures in terms of shaping the reputational performance of the sector’s key players. This apparent sector-wide reshuffling was triggered by the recent lows in oil and gas prices that resulted in job losses, revenue shortfalls […]

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What are the reputational risks of doing business with Iran?

Published the 04 February, 2016

In recent weeks, the lifting of sanctions on Iran has generated much media and social media attention. The focus has been split between the business opportunity this new market represents and a resurgence in critical voices rallying against doing business with the country due to allegations of human rights violations, the funding of groups considered […]

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Can action on climate change spark oil’s reputation revival?

Published the 09 December, 2015

The oil and gas sector has been hit with numerous challenges in recent years, both operationally and reputationally. Falling oil prices have squeezed profitability, whilst institutional investors cutting investment in the industry has forced a reduction in capex by all of the big industry players. Moreover, increased NGO activity has created a more hostile media […]

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Climate change – an existential reputational risk to the mining sector?

Published the 03 November, 2015

Changing priorities Alongside the cyclical movements in commodities prices, the extractive industry has had to deal with the increasing visibility of its activities to a wider range of stakeholders, facilitated in part by the emergence of digital and social technologies. Previously siloed and isolated stakeholder groups are ever more interconnected, meaning that a local community […]

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South African elections pose reputational risk to mining

Published the 25 April, 2014

South Africa is entering a new political period with significant reputational implications for foreign-owned mining companies. The once indestructible hegemony of the African National Congress (ANC) is slowly eroding under the weight of a very different body-politic bolstered by a new generation of voters that have less loyalty towards the liberation struggle and more towards […]

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