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Why you need a media intelligence platform

Why you need a media intelligence platform

It’s no exaggeration to say that media intelligence is the lifeblood of today’s communications team. Properly executed, it provides customised insight, analysis of media commentary, real-time alerts, and communications monitoring. Combined, these enable deeper understanding of your stakeholders, your competitors, your sector and the impact your communications campaigns are having. Whatever conversations about your brand are taking place, you can listen in. With a media intelligence platform, you take many of the benefits of media intelligence and add in a real-time, on-demand capability that significantly enhances the flexibility of your solution.

Artificial intelligence and actionable insights 

The evolution of the discipline has reached what has been called the ‘fourth generation’ of media analytics. In this iteration, precision is key and artificial intelligence is taking the strain. Insight directs strategy, and AI-powered predictive analysis has been used as the building blocks of media intelligence platforms. Big data and machine learning have enabled proactive analysis. Social media intelligence uses social listening tools to ensure every data and content stream is mined for relevant information without draining comms teams’ resources. AI does the analysis, leaving human agents free to focus on interpretation.

The media intelligence platform is a powerful tool that allows communications teams to ‘self-serve’ media analysis, tracking the conversations that are immediately relevant to them in real time without needing to brief their media intelligence provider. This allows them to be agile in their media monitoring, customising how and where they are listening in to the conversation, dictated by the news cycle of the day – or hour. If the organisation is getting airtime around a non-typical subject or in select media, the platform allows instant customisation so this content stream isn’t overlooked. 

Taking centre stage in media intelligence

The platform functions in real time, bringing up the latest trend data on a newsroom dashboard to which everyone has access. With a customised display auto-refreshing live coverage, every member of the team can be on the same page with changing events, and be aware of the organisation’s position in relation to the stories that are coming through.

This real-time observation allows the platform to provide up to the minute, actionable insights. The platform confers the ability to do freeform research on competitors and industry trends. This means comms teams can run ad hoc analyses on the impact of specific campaigns, on the risk issues affecting particular sectors or individual organisations, and on live events as they happen. Financial results can be tracked and reacted to. Crises can be averted before they emerge. 

In a world of ever-expanding volumes of media content and burgeoning news channels, organisations need a comprehensive, holistic media intelligence solution to surface the stories that matter to them. 

There are three elements needed to achieve this. The first is specifically targeted media monitoring that identifies the content relevant to you and filters the rest. The next is effective media analysis – both by AI to identify the trends, and by humans to ensure quality control and validate the results. And the third is a media intelligence platform which can manage the media monitoring, analysis and reporting, and present the information through a live dashboard. 

With these three factors in place and functioning together, your organisation will have a media intelligence solution that keeps you ahead of the curve.