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Oil Firms: Communicating investment in alternative energy

Published the 13 June, 2018
Top oil and gas companies for sustainability

It has long been the case that NGOs and activists have called for a stronger commitment to sustainability from the oil industry. Recently, however, the calls for greater environmental consciousness for these companies have also come from shareholders, seemingly more vehemently than before. Investment in renewable and alternative energy has been on the agenda for […]

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Oil and Gas restructuring: Top 3 performers

Published the 07 July, 2016

Over the past months, we have seen an increase in the influence of oil and gas restructuring and cost cutting measures in terms of shaping the reputational performance of the sector’s key players. This apparent sector-wide reshuffling was triggered by the recent lows in oil and gas prices that resulted in job losses, revenue shortfalls […]

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What are the reputational risks of doing business with Iran?

Published the 04 February, 2016

In recent weeks, the lifting of sanctions on Iran has generated much media and social media attention. The focus has been split between the business opportunity this new market represents and a resurgence in critical voices rallying against doing business with the country due to allegations of human rights violations, the funding of groups considered […]

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European Six call for carbon pricing: A sustainable reputation?

Published the 16 June, 2015

Increased transparency of how oil and gas companies influence the climate change debate could help build a more positive public image The announcement by six of Europe’s largest oil and gas companies at the beginning of June, encouraging the UN to embrace “a widespread and effective” carbon pricing system, drew positive comment across the media […]

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