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CEO blog: Theranos – Falling for the “snake oil salesman”

Published the 21 March, 2018
Theranos scandal: Falling for the “snake oil salesman”

The ongoing fallout of Theranos is a timely reminder that in an age of fake news, clickbait and startup hype, responsibility for these incidents does not lie with the ambitious entrepreneur alone. alva’s CEO reviews this incident and argues that it is also the responsibility of the media and investors to ask the difficult questions […]

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The new stakeholder landscape of digital healthcare

Published the 19 February, 2018
Digital healthcare considerations for corporate affairs and communications

As technology-enabled care becomes inevitable, pharmaceutical companies now need to redefine their relationships with external stakeholders. A key shift will be with “end-user” stakeholders, particularly with patients and, perhaps to a lesser degree, healthcare professionals (HCPs). It should be the role of the Corporate Affairs leader to understand and interpret these changing conversations, expectations and […]

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Who are the most visible global Pharma CEOs?

Published the 07 September, 2017

Ahead of alva’s annual Pharmaceutical CEO report, we reviewed the most visible CEOs in the global pharma sector over the past 12 months. We analysed millions of pieces of global content, across all media channels, to discover which senior pharma figures were featuring most often. Image 1: Most visible Pharma CEOs   Kenneth c. Frazier […]

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Building stakeholder understanding in Pharma: combining internal and external data

Published the 23 March, 2017
Pharmaceutical KPIs

The regulations surrounding the pharma industry can sometimes mean it is difficult to get detailed insight on the key issues driving perceptions of the sector. In this piece we look at how companies can get a more in-depth view of their stakeholders by reviewing some scenarios we regularly encounter. At alva, we help pharma companies to […]

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How big a risk is drug pricing to pharmaceuticals?

Published the 21 July, 2016

The health secretary Jeremy Hunt has asked the competition watchdog to investigate accusations that drug companies are “exploiting” the NHS to raise their prices. The claim is that the use of loopholes has resulted in a price rise of over 1,000% for 32 drugs over the past 5 years. This follows concern from within the […]

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Brexit: is the reputation of pharmaceutical companies at risk?

Published the 07 April, 2016

On 20 February, UK prime minister David Cameron announced that the EU referendum deciding if Britain should remain in the European Union will be held on 23 June 2016. This announcement has triggered concerns for the pharmaceutical sector, with several industry commentators stating that continued EU membership is in the best interest of the UK’s […]

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Which are the top 3 pharma companies for efficient business?

Published the 14 August, 2015

In recent months, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have seen a drive for streamlined business, with a sharp rise in M&A activity, internal restructuring and new headquarters and facilities. While the investor community has tended to view these changes positively when linked to improved financial performance, employees and local politicians reacted negatively when jobs were […]

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