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Posts in tag environmental

Oil Firms: Communicating investment in alternative energy

Published the 13 June, 2018
Top oil and gas companies for sustainability

It has long been the case that NGOs and activists have called for a stronger commitment to sustainability from the oil industry. Recently, however, the calls for greater environmental consciousness for these companies have also come from shareholders, seemingly more vehemently than before. Investment in renewable and alternative energy has been on the agenda for […]

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FMCG and the war against plastics: do they rise and fall as one?

Published the 22 May, 2018
Ocean plastic - FMCG reputation

Plastic: the new sugar In the UK, concern around plastic pollution has grown seemingly exponentially in the last twelve months, due in part to initiatives like Sky’s Ocean Rescue, the airing of Blue Planet II and a wider European regulatory push towards banning single-use plastic products. Table 1: Discussion of Sugar and Plastics in the […]

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Ocean pollution and the bottled drinks industry – reputational risks and opportunities

Published the 14 March, 2017
The effects of Sky Ocean Rescue on bottled drinks companies

In January 2017, the telecommunications company Sky launched its environmental campaign, Sky Ocean Rescue. The campaign aims to take a stand against litter with a focus on how this is damaging our seas, its inhabitants and in turn, us. Sky’s approach has been to focus on the environmental damage caused by waste plastic. The driving […]

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Corporate sustainability initiatives: how can a communication gap harm reputation?

Published the 07 April, 2016

Recently, Greenpeace released its “Cutting Deforestation out of the Palm Oil Supply Chain” scorecard, scoring 14 consumer goods companies in their efforts to end deforestation related to sourcing palm oil. All efforts to operate with an environmentally sustainable focus should be applauded, and companies are learning that a sustainability agenda is becoming increasingly important to […]

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Campbell’s and GMOs: a case study in consumer engagement

Published the 04 February, 2016

alva has been monitoring the reputational risks and opportunities associated with Genetrically Modified Organisms (GMOs) for several years, and, over the past several months, the discussion around GMO labelling has continued, especially in several US states currently debating the possibility of legislation requiring labelling of products containing GMOs. While potential health risks associated with GMOs […]

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What is the Reputation Damage of VW’s Emissions Admission?

Published the 30 September, 2015

As reporting on the VW emissions fraud gathers pace (currently there are over 1.6m+ references to this detected in alva’s live platform) and discussions turn to the medium and long-term reputation damage of the revelations to Volkswagen, it seems timely to use alva’s integrated metrics system to consult the publically-available data and provide an evidence-based perspective on […]

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Gatwick or Heathrow expansion: Is the choice Obvious?

Published the 24 August, 2015

The decision over where to construct a new London runway is one which has been played out in the public eye, with both Gatwick and Heathrow attempting to foster support among businesses, politicians, local communities, the media and the general public via increasingly visible rival campaigns. Given the very open nature of the debate, we […]

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European Six call for carbon pricing: A sustainable reputation?

Published the 16 June, 2015

Increased transparency of how oil and gas companies influence the climate change debate could help build a more positive public image The announcement by six of Europe’s largest oil and gas companies at the beginning of June, encouraging the UN to embrace “a widespread and effective” carbon pricing system, drew positive comment across the media […]

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