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“Getting Smart”: Smart grids and the move to DSO

Published the 05 April, 2018
UKPN - smart grid interview

Q&A with Julie Minns, Head of Customer Engagement at UK Power Networks Over the last few years the energy sector has been undergoing a huge transformation. This has been fuelled by a whole new raft of innovations and challenges: smart meters, the development of distributed energy resources (such as solar panels and electric vehicles); the […]

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Which are the top 3 companies for innovation in the energy sector?

Published the 07 June, 2016

Over the past six months, alva’s analysis of the energy sector has seen an increase in competition among manufacturers to position their organisations as focused on “sustainable energy future”, “new forms of electricity generation” or “low carbon technologies” developments. In late 2015, media sources reported government figures such as the Energy and Climate Change Secretary, […]

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Utilities: How to maximise the effectiveness of price cuts

Published the 25 February, 2016

On the 13th of January, the ICIS, a market intelligence company, announced that UK wholesale gas and electricity prices hit a five-year low at the end of 2015, with gas prices falling 34% over the year. This triggered pressure from government, regulators and consumer groups for utility companies to cut prices. Ann Robinson, Director of […]

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How fuel poverty is changing the reputation of utilities

Published the 19 November, 2015

Reputational landscape The reputation of the UK utilities market has been under fire from a broad range of stakeholders in recent years. Criticism has been wide-ranging, but the common thread is a perception that the largest companies (the Big Six) are not acting in the best interest of their broader stakeholders. Customers, industry watchdogs and […]

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Good apprentice schemes boost reputations of leading organisations

Published the 04 September, 2015

The UK Government target for apprenticeships has increased the positive impact of hiring announcements in 2015 Companies winning political advocacy for their apprenticeship schemes are outperforming their peers for reputation Companies not being seen to play fair with apprentices are suffering significant criticism Political support for apprentices The UK government’s target of three million new […]

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What the UK election results mean for the outsourcing sector

Published the 01 July, 2015

A Conservative government will likely increase the role of outsourcing in the public sector, presenting an opportunity for outsourcers to renew their reputations. Those companies that emphasise accountability and transparency will be best positioned to defy the industry’s reputation. A Conservative majority has been voted in, and the outsourcing sector is set for business prosperity. […]

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Fuel Cells – Powering Reputations in South African Platinum

Published the 08 June, 2015

Companies investing in platinum cell technology are best placed to capitalise on positive sentiment around transforming the mining industry in South Africa. Technology trials in South Africa see the best reputational gains from sharing messages around positive social impact and safeguarding future profitability. Platinum fuel cell technology as a reputational opportunity A potential saving grace […]

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E.ON surviving nuclear fallout better than RWE, but dangers still exist

Published the 26 August, 2011

When it was announced that all German nuclear reactors were to be taken offline over a period of months, E.ON chief executive Johannes Teyssen warned of serious supply shortages and the possibility of the country’s electricity grid becoming unstable because it is not designed to handle the necessary redistribution of power from renewable sources in […]

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Smart meters: not everyone will be a winner

Published the 20 July, 2011

Kill or cure: smart metering could dispel consumer mistrust of suppliers – or confirm it In terms of utilities’ reputation with their customers and the public more widely, smart metering is a double-edged sword.

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Is your utility a great training organisation?

Published the 06 July, 2011

Rise to the challenge: how good training can boost utilities’ reputations To be well thought of in the sector for their training capabilities, utilities face two huge challenges outside of routine training needs: the smart meter rollout and the Green Deal.

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