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Rail Timetable Chaos: Who did the public blame for the disruption?

Published the 29 August, 2018

  It will not be news to UK commuters that the timetable change in May – touted as a way of boosting passenger capacity over peak periods as part of the Rail 2020 vision – did not go off seamlessly. So-called “Meltdown Monday” saw widespread cancellations and delays as rail operators seemingly were unable to […]

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Which car manufacturers made the biggest splash at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017?

Published the 19 October, 2017

The International Motor Show in Frankfurt is the world’s largest motor show, presenting a significant opportunity for leading car manufacturers to generate attention. In order to understand which brands have made the most of this global platform this year, alva analysed all social content related to the event, for more than 30 manufacturers, throughout September […]

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Which car manufacturers dominate driverless cars coverage?

Published the 14 September, 2017

As the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017 gets underway, two of the key innovations likely to feature heavily will be driverless cars and electric cars. Over the coming weeks, alva will be analysing which automotive brands are getting discussed most in relation to these themes, as well as which manufacturers made the biggest impression at the […]

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Which airlines have the best reputation for customer service?

Published the 28 June, 2016

Airline customer service stories – both good and bad – often create headline news. Whether a public figure “slams” a carrier for its poor service or an airline shows sympathy for the plight of an ill passenger, these anecdotes often resonate with customers’ personal experiences. But which are the stories that get amplified? While there […]

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How to best communicate an automotive product recall

Published the 02 March, 2016

Vehicle recalls have historically been one of the biggest sources of negativity for carmakers. In the past month alone mainstream media coverage has focused on Toyota’s global recall of 2.87m vehicles due to potential seatbelt malfunctions, a 5m airbag control unit recall by Continental Automotive Systems and the string of car firms recalling models which […]

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What drives customer Advocacy in the airlines sector?

Published the 28 October, 2015

Leading up to the holiday season, airlines will seek to differentiate themselves through offers, promotions, prices and in-flight experience. But increasingly customers are looking to their fellow passengers for advice on which airline to choose to take them where they need to go. So which issues are leading passengers to become loyal customers of some […]

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Report: VW’s Emissions Admission – has this poisoned its reputation with customers?

Published the 29 September, 2015

The Volkswagen emissions scandal has been dominating the headlines, with questions being asked of the affect it could have on their medium and long-term impact reputation. The majority of the coverage has been speculative, or simply looking at share price movement, so alva has produced a report based on the publicly-available data to provide an evidence-based perspective on this reputation crisis. […]

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Gatwick or Heathrow expansion: Is the choice Obvious?

Published the 24 August, 2015

The decision over where to construct a new London runway is one which has been played out in the public eye, with both Gatwick and Heathrow attempting to foster support among businesses, politicians, local communities, the media and the general public via increasingly visible rival campaigns. Given the very open nature of the debate, we […]

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White paper: Why businesses need reputation intelligence

Published the 13 August, 2015

An analysis of Thomas Cook: With growing evidence that reputation does affect financial value, Boards need to be more proactive in sanctioning enterprise-wide reputation programmes to ensure that this invaluable asset is managed correctly. A reluctance to act puts companies at risk of reputation crises. Thomas Cook is one company that has a particularly challenging […]

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HS2: Keeping expectations on track

Published the 09 May, 2014

Future public support for HS2 is likely to hinge on the validity of the projected economic benefits, consultation with local communities and the alignment of rising service expectations with actual service improvements. In order to garner public support, pro-HS2 lobbyists have attempted to shift the debate away from operational improvements and journey time reductions, instead […]

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